Monday, July 13, 2015

Off we GO!

Hi you! SO good to hear from you again. I can't even believe what a time it is going to be when we all get back together in about a week! But all of it will come in its own time and season. I Love the Gospel and love that I have this fantastic chance to continue to spread it around. Wow! What great Spanish skills my parents are gaining; keep up the great work you two, I love ya! 

You’re right, I have been deeply thinking and pondering and praying and really just trying to endure to the end. I know that I have such a wonderful family back home that is waiting for me, and I am very ecstatic about coming home to hug, and love all of them, but I also have a beautiful family here in this wonderful place that I love and cherish as well, and I hope that I can give them the best that I can at these last moments that we have together for sure. I know that the Lord has continually blessed and guided my life, and brought me to this place to meet such wonderful brothers and sisters, and to understand what they can teach me. I know that I for certain have learned a GREAT deal from all of these children of God that have been put in my path. I just love them each, and will never be able to forget them, they will forever be within the walls of my own heart. 

As for this week, I have really tried my hardest to seek after the spirit of our Heavenly Father, and to understand what He is wanting me to do. I have been really studying and searching my scriptures, and have found that He is giving me answers to the questions that I am having in this life, and about the next. And it is for sure that He has guided me to understand simply just a LOT more about this great plan since I have been here in Kenya. I just become so excited when I receive some small amount of knowledge that enables me to go forward with greater faith, and trust in our Heavenly Father, even in His son Jesus Christ. I am continually excited to study and search what is to be found in this life, so that I can better help and improve the lives of my brothers and sisters, whom I love and serve. SO, that is just what is happening, and I am thankful to God who is our Father, to continually be patient and loving with me who is SO imperfect. I know that He allows me so many greater opportunities in this life, if I just but seek His help at all times. I would encourage each of you to do the same. Ask, seek, and knock, and the door WILL be open unto you. That is His everlasting promise, even till eternal life. I love Him, and know He loves me, and will continue to serve Him till the End. 

Well, that is about it for now, today. I think that my mind is blank beyond that, so, I hope you continue strong and happy, and I wish the best for you this next week as you endeavor to serve our Heavenly Father. I DO continually pray for each of you, and just wish you luck in using your agency wisely! Keep smiling, and Endure to the end! We shall meet very SOON!

Much love from:
Elder Andreasen

Monday, July 6, 2015

YEP! It's TIME! Time to Continue

Yes. Even me….I am not sure what exactly to say. I am thankful that Heavenly Father allows me to know that you are still doing good. I think that, I don't even know what to think. That is great to hear that you were able to be together and go up to the lake for a fun time. I hope that no one got burned on the fourth from all of those big booms! haha

Hmm, well here on this end, it has actually been a week of some struggles...but we also saw some nice success. There are not too many things that were actually able to take place because of some few days of disturbance in our schedule. We had to do some exchanges, so there was a lot of traveling, and not so much time to proselyte. But during all of this week, I have had a lot of time to ponder simply on some basic questions of life, and also try to understand Gods great plan for me within my own life at this time.  I am not really for sure what the Lord has in store for the rest of my time here in this area, or in Kenya, but i do hope and pray, that as the work continues, we can together continually try to help something to happen that really pleases our Father in Heaven. I love this area with all of my heart, and I do want to help it to continually progress, but I know that I cannot do it on my own. That is why I continually seek after inspiration and revelation from God to let me know what to do next. Sometimes it is just like stepping into the dark, and I have sincere faith that as we act upon the promptings that our Father in Heaven allows us to receive, that we will be able to help others in the most prominent way. Just look at Nephi. Look at what great success came to him and his family as he chose to take his own step of faith in God.(1 Nephi 4: all; Emphasis on Verse Six). I have really been back in to studying my scriptures this past week, and I have found so many things that just connect me to the struggles that we may be facing, or the many hard earned blessings that we have received and yet will receive as we continue to be more diligent. I DO feel to help others understand the facts and truths of the Gospel as deeply imbedded as I know them, because of the blessings of Joy, peace, love, and help that I have received from them. They HAVE blessed my life more than anything in this world has, and I know that I can continue to receive those blessings as I am faithful unto the end. I know that one thing that I have been able to continue to discover is that true essence of Humility in my own life. I know that it can be brought to pass continually with a lot of patience carried in my own countenance, and also a lot of pure and close to perfect love. I am not perfect, but I know that GOD is, and that He will continually bless me with the knowledge to achieve the goals necessary for great success. I know that He has given us a lot to work with, and I pray that we can work together more fully to accomplish what is in store, as we receive the Lords hands of help here within.  

WELL, I think that's it, but, I love you Family, and hope and pray for the best of your days this week, and I hope that something that I have written has made sense today. I wish to continue encouraging you to always do missionary work, and the Lord will bless. Thanks for doing your best! 

Elder Andreasen