Monday, March 30, 2015

Jee Splitz! Itsh a Beautiful Day!

Hello! Again, it is SO good to hear from you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY belated, MOM!  I hope this computer emoticon cake tastes delicious. =D  Sorry about my forgetful head. Numbers and dates are just the thing that I never can remember. But That is just great that you had a good one! I am happy that you turned one more year older. That means that you are still living! I love it when we get to spend our birthdays with the people that we love the most. :)

Can you even believe it too...there really is only about 3 1/2 months till we are back together celebrating all kinds of holidays. 

Yes, that last week was a busy one, and even this one also. SO great that we are able to help people in their lives a bit. We are just working to find, teach, and baptize. We had a baptism yesterday, but I can't really take too much credit for it. I got to be there when we were sharing the last half of the lessons with him, but he is super powerful. He is going to make a good add on to this branch. He is super smart, and just a good friend. We are excited for some more upcoming, hopefully soon. One of the investigators that we have been working with and seeing since I got here, has finally come to church, and I was so grateful to see her come. She is one of the upcoming, hopefully. 

WELL, things are things here in the great country of Kenya. I love that I am still serving God. It will be a sad day seriously, when I have to leave these amazingly wonderful people...but that is NOT YET! haha, so we continue! Alright, love you, and have a great day! Oh, and also HAPPY EASTER! Nice time. 

Elder Andreasen

(3/24/2015) Holy SMACK it's cold here!!

HI family. How great is it of a day? I hope that you are still doing great and that you are healthy, happy, and still smiling! It is good to hear that you are just staying busy. Happy to hear that Dad will be able to get his extra fishing in this next season! That brings some of that relaxing joy to life. 

Well, here, it is busy! We are just working hard, and are trying to visit and encourage all of our investigators. We are contacting like crazy, and we are having lessons like crazy, so it is just CRAZY. I love it! It is nice to come to know these wonderful members even better here in Sosiani, and it is good to see old friends. What amazing time we even get to spend with all of our new and present investigators. Building their faith in our Savior Jesus Christ, and helping them to realize the truth about all of this is one of the best things to do in this world. We are going to be meeting someone today, who I have been present once while teaching. He is one of my favorite investigators, and am SO excited to be seeing him again today. He has this sincere desire to learn the gospel, and even takes hours on his own to study the bible, and the messages that we give him. He is even digging into the Book of Mormon like there is gold. We are even sharing with a sister that works in the town. Her name is Doreen and she is powerful. We are still sharing with her the restoration of the Gospel, and she is SUPER interested. She even underlined and made notes in the pamphlet! I love these people, and am glad to share with them what i know is true. Awesome!

Ok, so yesterday I would have written you, but we had a member take us up to a place called Iten. It is also know as the Home of Champions. Runners from all around the world come to do high altitude training there, just 30 min. drive away from where we are staying. We were going to look at this amazing place there called the Kerio View Point, Which is a beautiful site in the rift valley. While we were there, we decided to go and take some soda and relax for a few. We walked through the door, and were about to take our seats when, a mazungu, white guy walked up and caught our attention. He said, "Hello, I didn't know that missionaries are here in Kenya". Crazy as it seems this mans name is Tobias. He is a Mormon too. He is a doctor/runner that is apart of the German Running Team. It was such a coincidence! Anyhow, we took pics and e-mails, and now I have a friend from Germany. There are SO many runners there, but out of all of them, I would have never expected to find someone from The Church of Jesus Christ of  Latter-Day Saints. But alright, I hope that something here has inspired you in some way, and just hope that you know that I love you tons! If you don't remember, I will just say I LOVE  you VERY much. Great Week, and keep SMILING!

Elder Andreasen

P.S. Grandma Davis…So sorry I’m late with your birthday greeting! I hope it was most spectacular, and I LOVE you so much and looking forward to seeing you…we will eat cake and celebrate. Stay healthy and smile BIG.

(3/18/2015) MOMBO TENA!

WOW! Hey you guys! What a wonderful week it has been. I am sorry that yet again I am writing late, but I am super excited to tell you why. This week, was the week of transfers, and I got transferred. Excited huh? YA! I will seriously miss those amazing people of Chyulu, and am continually praying for them. But, I am excited and way amazed at what happened this transfer. Are you ready? I was transferred to Eldoret. I am in a place called Sosiani. Pretty much just back where I started my mission! My companion, Elder Bakubamutwe! This is a funny one, but I know that it is revelation for sure. I love this chance that I get to have in being here, back with these wonderful members of the church. It is going to be nice being in such a beautiful place as well. Plus, it is city, so it is a whole choice of nice foods. I Love this work, and am excited for this new chance I get to be here in this area. It is super! Alright.

I love you guys, but I don't have any more time left, so I will be seeing your reply on Monday. love ya and have a fantastic week! SMile big!

Elder Andreasen


HELLO FAMILY. It is sO good to hear that you have traveled and are enjoying your time on this earth. Thanks for just being great! I love you. It is super cool that you get to go back to Skyler’s mission and take a look around. What a blessing! That sounds like SO much fun that you get the chance to go and see all of the history sites and value even more that great and amazing country. It is good to keep busy, and see the blessings of God in our own lives. Its great!

Well, this week, just here on my end, we have just been busy doing some of those same things. We have been working with and strengthening the member here in the area, and are finding that our relationships are growing together. WE are sO excited to be seeing this area keep progressing. It is not easy still, but it is simple. And as we teach those great members to just keep the commandments and endure to the end, their testimonies are continuously strengthened and fortified. They then feel to give us referrals, which is always a blessing to missionary work.

This week, we met specifically with a Man and his wife. Brother Banard is a less-active in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day saints. They were very active about a month or so ago, and then we are told that they just stopped coming. It was amazing to go, and find how we could help them. We had one of the most spiritually uplifting lessons that I will ever remember on this mission. I felt such an abounding love specifically for this man, as he related to us his state, and acknowledged that he was missing something in his life. They are together, going to strive to come back to church. I know that God was there with us, as we were trying to help them to overcome their spiritual ills, and he will be there for them always, as they strive to do, be, and eventually become what He asks.

As of late, I am still trying to get better at learning my scriptures, and applying them to the work. I am reading in the Book of Mormon, and I found that the book of Proverbs is now my new favorite book in the Old Testament. And, don’t you love that we are all learning about the New Testament in Sunday school? I love it Kabisa! Our faith is gained as we continue to hope, as it states in Moroni 7, and I love that there will always be hope. Something that we should never forget. I love you, and yet again do wish unto you a better week, filled with the experiences of the spirit, and things of God. I bear my own witness that this work is divine and changes lives, I know it to be true, and continue seeing it everyday.

Elder Andreasen


HELLO! Sorry about the delay. It has been some time! But, don't you worry just now. I am able to write today. I love you guys SO much, and just wanted to let you know that. The net here has been gone for pretty much the whole of last week. They got it fixed, and it came back yesterday, so s'all good.

So, this past few weeks have just been rolling on by. It seems like they are flying quickly! This past week, we had Zone Conference, so that took up the most of the week. And yet again it was powerful. It really something this time! I love the way they are improving them, they involve us in them a lot more. But now we are back in our areas, and just doing the lords work. OK! Well, I wish I had more to tell you, but not much comes. But I wish you the best of the week, and good luck! Keep strong, and smile big.

Much love from:
Elder Andreasen

P.S. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDPA ANDREASEN! I hope it was great! I love ya
A lots, and just know that I am thinking about you. Keep healthy and strong, and make even more birthday to come! Love one of your favorite grandsons ever. Elder Andreasen