Monday, April 20, 2015

Happy Day

Hello! This is Elder Andreasen! Sorry about the wait on this e-mail. That is good to hear that you doing missionary work! I love it! Sorry about the postponed baptism, I hope and pray for you that it is sooner. WOW, it is still snowing? I hope spring really stays for you guys.

I will just tell you, that things in this area are just progressing. WE have had nice success this past week, and have really been working to get these investigators baptized. WE are hoping in the next month to try and baptize at least 5 and then even maybe 7. The other part of this week as well, I was on exchanges in Huruma, the place where I was trained. It was crazy to be back, and to see all of these people that I new once before. I was so excited to see how much it has progressed. They even have a supermarket now! I was with an awesome elder also, and we had a lot of fun. It was nice to help him in his area as well, and also to learn things from him also. Felt the spirit so much, and also was uplifted as I uplifted others.

IT is raining every day here. We are walking walking walking, and continue to meet new people, and do missionary work. Hope all continues well, and love you much.

Elder Andreasen

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