Monday, November 18, 2013

November 11, 2013

Haha! You guys just make me laugh! Off you go! SEE YA! I hope you have enjoyed that sweet vacation. You are right, it does sound like it was well needed. Putting all of those things in order makes you need to take a BREATH! AH 80 degrees, that’s nice. I wish it were 80 here right now!!! It is like it changed back to rainy season this past week. It has been pouring buckets of rain and it has been lower temperatures. It’s nice though cause there isn't so much mud. Oh man! Skyler, that’s not fun at all to have the flu! I hope you get better! I don't like being sick, so many better things to do! haha  

Wow, so this past week has really been great! We had our Zone Conference and it was just so good! We had missionaries come and stay with us in our flat and they traveled for a while to get there. They were from Kitale, which is by the border of Uganda. They were telling us that they had to take a matatu, then bike, then take another matatu, and they had to stay in different places and such. It takes them like two days just to get here! But it was all fun and I really just love hosting other missionaries! The zone conference, we learned a lot! Most of it was about obedience and how powerful it really can be to be obedient. We also got to go over the "Work of Salvation" DVD and got to talk about how we can help our branches improve and help them get started in the member missionary work. It was just great and I felt the spirit SO strong, especially after President Hicken bore his testimony about a lot of things!

This week we have found a Sister that has been coming to church off and on. She is not a member but her husband is! We got to go and meet with her and it was really great! We took a member with us that knows her pretty well and that was nice because she helped us in sharing what we needed to share. She is great and I really don't doubt that she will be converted and baptized soon. We have been teaching Francis and it has been going well. He is really accepting of what we share with him and he says he wants to keep leaning more. Ha, Irene went back home and so we can't even teach her now. It is like last time where we don't know when or if she is coming back! Oh man! So we are working on helping a member with her English! She really wants to be able to read the Book of Mormon and understand it better. We are helping explain what words mean and really are just diving into helping her to just understand more about the gospel. I really enjoy this myself because it makes me think even more about this extraordinary book and its contents. I have gained more and more of a testimony of these things which is GREAT!

Anyhow, I LOVE YOU so very much! That has been some highlights of my week! I know the Church is TRUE!!! I wish the best for you! I hope you’re healthy and happy and smiling! I am! I know your getting tan! haha  Keep feeling the spirit!

Much Love From:
Elder Andreasen

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