Monday, November 25, 2013

It's Like Chicken

Well Happy Thanksgiving to you my lovely family! Things just sound like they are going well! I hope all gets fixed with that whole flooding situation, that's just no fun at all! Man you guys just redid Skyler's room, can't believe that you have to do it again. "Pole pole!" Ah! Things here this week have been quite alright. Something exciting that we just found out is that now the mission isn't just English in Kenya but we are allowed to use a lot more Swahili! I am excited because now I am really going to devote some more time to fully learning Swahili so I will be able to serve these people more. BUT that is not the most exciting news! Caroline got BAPTIZED!!! Woot!

I am so happy for and proud of her and her decision to do what she knew was right! It is so crazy though because it was as if she was already a member. She has really been such a part of the branch and jumped in to being everyone’s friend. We knew she knew it was true, not just cause she told us, because she herself has been trying to share it with others and just really shows so much excitement about these things! Actually the other day we went to go and see her and she had five friends that she had invited and two of them really are showing interest. She had already tried to explain what she knew to be true to them! It just really makes me so happy and excited to see her and know that I was one of the missionaries that got to strike that spark in her life and bring her to the knowledge of the truth. Anyhow this week has been good. We have been pushing and been trying to contact some more people and build more of our investigator pool. We have a few investigators but a lot of them have been so busy and such that they can't find time to meet with us. It has been a little bit rough but that does not mean much of anything. They never said it would be easy and I really am starting to love the challenge. Never utter the words "Give up," they won't get you anywhere! I am so happy though for these days!

MAN. It has been dusty and hot and just fun this week. I love the sun though so that doesn't make too much of a difference! I have found out a little more about myself this week. I have seen that I really have changed but also that there is still a LOT that I don't know. I have found that as I humble myself I am able to help others much more. I've seen kind of how stubborn I am I guess. Never noticed it when I was back home. Being honest with myself to see and remember that this is the Lords work and not my own, really helps me and I see how I can always improve. I love our Father in Heaven so very much and know that He IS there. I have a testimony that He does listen and knows us better than we know ourselves. I love you my family so very much and wish the best for you in all of your endeavors. May the Lord bless you and may you seek the guidance that He has put forth for each of us. He loves us and is there. Have a GREAT week! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Elder Andreasen

P.s. Just found out they eat dog in Ghana. YUM! Apparently it’s like chicken there! Hmmm, big chicken?

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