Sunday, February 16, 2014

Emergency Transfer

HEY! HEY! So I have some CRAZY news! Elder Kisesi and I are getting Emergency transferred!!! What! The zone leaders just let us know. Because of some things happening with the government not excepting some visas and working permits, missionaries are being taken out of Kenya. So, Elder Kisesi and I are getting sent to Chulu! That is hardest part in the mission and we will be whitewashing an area. It’s HOT kabisa! CRAAAZY! We leave tomorrow! I am SO excited and really in shock. They don't really speak Swahili there but they speak Kikamba, which is just the tribal language of the Kambas. So...another language! Haha Oh man, that just really tops the day. This day has really been so GOOD. We got to go and play some futball...and I almost made this rad goal but missed by a little bit. I just got done eating some nice juicy sugar cane and am loving to be able to write my wonderful family from back home. Love you guys!!!

Wow, so this week has really been so great! We had district conference and so the elders from Kitale were staying here in Eldoret. Unfortunately Elder Kisesi and I did not get to host any elders in our flat this time but we all still had a lot of fun. We had Elder Bricknail of the Area Seventy here speaking to us. He was such a powerful and amazing speaker and just an extraordinaire person. I have had such a good week and truly know that I can say I have been obedient like crazy, have worked hard, and have seen the blessing of these two great things. I love talking about obedience and that is something to be honest, is what Mission President (President Hicken) has really been focusing on for all of the mission. All of these things that we have learned in the last few days, has really struck my heart even deeper to become everything I can be and give my all in everything that I do. Anyhow, so I can say that we really are having these great six investigators that are really progressing and moving along in their testimonies just great! One whose name is Kevin keeps progressing but just simply won't accept a certain day to be baptized worth everything! He just needs some time but he is super powerful and really is pretty much already a member. He is giving us referrals and is telling everybody about what we have shared with him...future missionary? I think yes!

Oh! Ok, so that field that you saw, we plowed the whole thing with Jembes!!! (Hoes) It is something that happens pretty regularly but it was BIG this time and that is the third time that I have not had gloves for it. I had blisters again all over my hands, which is just simply a reminder of how it builds my testimony. Some good hard sweaty Kenyan work. Cultivating. You know though, I never see the pics that Sister Anderson sends you…haha. Thanks for the nice comments, I probably looked nice and sweaty and manly.  She also sent you some group pics I see and so those Elders in Kitale are pretty much all Mazungu! (White)

Anyhow, I will keep you updated on when I get in my new area and the people and the heat and the powerful bikes (Iron Horses). I am excited for the week and just love you and hope all keep going well. KEEP SAFE! I pray for you every day and just know that the Lord is blessing you and that makes me so happy! Well Asante sana, and Kwaheri!

Elder Andreasen

(Big Big Smiles!)

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