Monday, February 3, 2014

Morning Glory

Hey you guys! Well, good morning to you too! I am doing fantastic this week. Pretty much just what missionary work does to you. The bucket of awesome never gets too low!  Sounds like the week has been alright on your end. That’s a bummer about the moisture thing but I am sure the Lord will soon take care of it or maybe it’s happening for a reason...who knows. Eeesh…not a good season for the skis, not a worry for me! haha

Hmmm. This week has been really good. We have really worked hard and we definitely are seeing the results of how the Lord is showing His hand. I am gaining more of a testimony of just hard work. There are promised blessings when you show the Lord what you have! When you sincerely just seek for His help and promised guidance, then there should not be a need to worry. That is what I have seen. Ha! Heavenly Father really has put SO many people in our path this week! That is so amazing how many people just are there and need this gospel so badly! We met a pastor yesterday and just chatted with him for a half an hour on how something is missing in all of the churches that he goes to. It is like a regular thing to come across someone and they recognize that something is missing....and something is missing!

Anyhow, I love the gospel of Jesus Christ. I am seeing it change lives. I like that, it's nice. My testimony is always growing. I am loving teaching about families and how they can be happily eternal. Can't wait for the coming of the rest of the week. I know this is short but there might be more next week. Love ya and just have a great rest of your week!

Much love from:
Elder Andreasen
Smilin Big!

P.s. Wow! What’s up with the bowl scores! Seattle Killed! haha

The futball season just ended here and people are seriously anxious about their teams! It is like WAY serious here! Crazy.

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