Monday, February 17, 2014


Hey! So I am doing great! My new area is fantastic and it really has been a crazy adventure for sure but I love crazy adventures. So we went home and packed and we left the next day after getting the news that we were going. It was another REALLY long 7 1/2 hour long bus ride to Nairobi but we were able to make it safe with a soar bum. There were a bunch of Zebras that we got to see on the way, more then last time, and that was probably the highlight of the trip. So eventually after sleeping and getting on another bus for 5 hours we arrived in Chyulu. The ZLs took us to our flat and it took a half an hour just to drive there and so they are pretty far away from where we stay…haha. The place is actually not a bad flat. It was crazy though because on that same day that we arrived, it decided that it wanted to POUR rain. It was CRAZY! The wind was blowing at the same time and water was leaking down the walls. The next day we went out and a lot of the big trees had been snapped in half by the force of the storm and especially at the church. Anyhow, so yes this is definitely bush area for sure. There is a nice small market and everybody knows everybody and they all know of the church. When we contact, we are simply just making best friends with all of these people and we are gaining their trust. They might know of the church but we get to tell them about everything else. It is hot and it is humid but SO beautiful and peaceful too. One thing that I really love is that everybody Smiles! It is so amazing when you greet them and they just have this amazing grin SO big, and they have such sweet spirits!

The area is really far spread apart and so we have bikes and they are really something! Haha…Iron horses that are heavy and have no shocks, no gears, hard as EVER to steer, and thin tires. The place is rocky all over the paths and places that we take the bikes and so no one would ever believe what these bikes get taken through or us ourselves. But it is most definitely a testimony builder and a strength for the faith. We have to take care of FOUR branches while we are here. We get to go to a different one each week. The work is going to be mainly focused on finding and reactivating the Less-actives. The thing is, there really should be a stake here but the strength of those members that have been baptized verses those that actually come is not where it should be. We would love to baptize a few of our great friends in the market but it will take a little bit of time. They have all pretty much been contacted before.  We are actually working with one man who loves what we share and just asks and asks questions. We have had some great discussions with people and we are just striking interest in these great people. We have been trying to get to know the members around. We have visited all of our branches areas and met some people there. One of the branches takes about a half an hour on a bike to get to. We will have to be going to a different area each day and proselyting there. But we found the branch mission leader for the branch that is right next to our flat and he has really been a great help to us. There are 420 members in this Thengoni branch that is right next to our flat. Not very many actually come on Sunday but the ward mission leader knows where a lot of them stay, so we are excited. But we have A LOT of work to do and it can be done!

Happy Birthday Grandpa Andreasen! I love you and hope you’re not feeling TOO old! You’re now considered old though according to what my parents say..."Your not old till your eighty!" HAHA I really hope and wish the best 80TH for you and hope you eat some great cake and get some good presents. Just remember that one of your FAVORITE grandsons loves you! Have a great one!

Well I think that’s it for now, off the top of my head, but I just LOVE you SO much and just say have a great week and laugh a LOT!

Elder Andreasen

P.S. They do celebrate Easter here. I don't know how and I don't know what the next holiday is...I will find out.

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