Monday, August 11, 2014

Chocolate Chip Cookies Are On My Mind!

Hello. The days are coming nice ya? YES. It is all good here on this side of Africa. Kenya is just doing well and well, I am doing well myself. It has been like the week just has FLOWN by but that is just how time goes…now-a-days. SO!

This week has been really SO NICE. We have had some super great progress in our area and just look forward to this new week! We spent the week really focusing on the members and less-actives and they are Amazing. They are really helpful, when you give them commitments. We are trying our best just to get all of the referrals we can. It is looking good. When we met one of our investigators whose name is Cheryle, she had some super great questions that made us think. She is in college and she is studying to be a journalist and she loves to study the Bible. We are really excited to see what happens with her. She is really Powerful and can see potential. Anyhow, everything else is just gnarly, so thanks! Love you! 

Sounds like you guys are keeping up the great work of life! I just hope all joyful, thrilling, fun, all goods and that you keep smiling. 

Love Elder Andreasen

P.S. DAD! Happy Birthday! SO excited for you! Are you turning 53? Hoping you’re enjoying passing through the fifties. YoU ArE GrEaT! Enjoy the cake...or pie...or rolls, or just what else there is that you are going to be celebrating with! Thanks for being awesome!!! Love your SON Elder Andreasen. 

P.P.S. We did receive missionaries from Sierra Leone. Those that were there, had to be taken out and taken to their different missions. SO, there are Kenyans that came back to serve in this mission. I know one really well! He helped us a lot when I was serving in Jerusalem. He actually was living with Peter Zenovieff. So, they are just updating us on what Ebola is, how dangerous it is, and how we can keep and stay away from it.    

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