Monday, August 25, 2014


Hey you wonderful family! I just love you, and am happy to say hi. So
I have some terrific, crazy, but sad news all at the same time. I got
TRANSFERRED! That is the sad news, but terrific at the same time. The
crazy news is where I was transferred. I came right back to CHYULU.
Yes, Chyulu. The same branch and same flat. I have new companion. His
name is Elder Makau, and he is great! We are staying in that same
place with four people. Here is what is happening. WE are going to be
taking care of two branches, and they will take two also. It is really
great! We are already working SO hard, and it is super nice! I love
that I got the chance to come back to this amazing place. It is
different though. Last time we were white washing, and this time,
things are partially going a bit better here in the bush. I am getting
nice and tan, and enjoying the heat. It is turning to their dry season
here, so it is going to get REALLY hot . My companion is used to the
heat though, he was one of those that came here from Sierra Leone,
and he is just so SO powerful...I think he might be an apostle
someday! haha

Things just continue here in this beautiful place. They are a bit
tight. The flat we are staying in is made only for one companionship,
but we are accommodating two. So right now our companionship is
sleeping on the floor with mattresses, which by the way is SO much
cooler!..in both ways. The transfers were super different and
crazy. Pretty much the whole mission was transferred around. There is
so much change, and it is really nice. I am so GLAD that you get to be
together as a family. That is going to be So Nice. Family is the
best thing given. That why I always take the time to tell you, I LOVE
YOU. Enjoy! Have a fantastic week.

Elder Andreasen

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