Monday, August 18, 2014

I Think YES

WELL! Hello. I'm all healthy and away from Ebola...just for your information. I am happy, and things are going pretty well. Super nice that you guys got to travel up to Canada! That is pretty sweet! 

This week has been nice! We got to have a powerful Zone Conference, and then we got to go for Mormon Helping Hands at one of the hospitals here. It was Great! So that took up most of the week, but it was Super awesome! I love to be able to see all of these great missionaries around. We were spiritually uplifted, and just got to laugh. Before we went to Zone Conference though, we got the chance to visit and share with some of our nice investigators. We got to answer Cheryle’s questions, and recommitted her to read the Book of Mormon, which she said she NOW would do. It is SO nice. She said that she is going to have to re-pray about everything that we have shared with her, and make sure that she finds out if they are true...Awesome! The area is progressing, and that makes me happy to see. It is super nice to have more investigators, and just referrals. SO, that is what is up!

There are about 15 new missionaries here that came back from Sierra Leone. They are great! Super powerful, and were really needed in the mission. Ebola is just spreading though. They say that it might have spread to Ghana also...so we hope that all things go ok. It is not around here, and hopefully it does not reach here, or they will have to probably close this mission too, as they did in Sierra Leone. Those missionaries were redirected to different areas of Africa, and even some back to their countries outside of Africa. They are just keeping us updated on safety pre-cautions, and just pretty much telling us not to do anything stupid. 

SO, things are just going. Hope things just are things there. Have a great week. Love you! 

Elder Andreasen

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