Monday, October 13, 2014


Hey you! SO, just another day here in Chyulu. Lovin’ the day, it has really been super nice, and am getting a lot of things done. WOW. You sound like you are just staying busy with the whole routine, and really doing great. That is super nice that things are turning out well, that is an answer to my prayers for sure.

You ask some nice questions. My companion does know how to ride a bike, it is just this bike that he is having a very hard time learning, but it is great, he is getting better and better. The missionaries that are here in our flat, are a part of the district, and we have another set about a half an hour ride away, that are in our district still. Our zone has ten, so the other two are far. They are letting missionaries small small into the mission, but hopefully it will keep growing. We are loving the help that the Lord has been giving us with what we have right now though. Ebola is not around, so all is well. But stay away from it. It is a KILLER. So that I can see your smiling faces alive when I get back home. Thanks.

This week has just been going on. I think that is has really been one of the most challenging of weeks, and very frustrating. There were times that I really just felt like giving up. Some things happened that have not been working out, especially in the branches that we are serving. IT has made me think, and see that there is no better place that I can be than this, and that I DO love it here. I really do love it here, and the people, and I do love this work. It is everything to me. I will never give up! Though there are challenges, there are so many things that we have planned for the future of this area, and hope, fast, and pray that all works out fine. I am learning that I need to always be an example in all things that I do and say, and I am trying even more to refine myself and become more like the Savior Jesus Christ. I see that I really need to work very much on just being more patient with others and just know how much mercy my Heavenly Father has had on me. I love this gospel, and just know that we are not perfect, and that it is the Lord that guides and directs His work.  I think that is about it. I love you lots, and hope that the rest of your week keeps on well.

Much love from:

Elder Andreasen

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