Thursday, October 30, 2014


Hello! Am so sorry that I have not been able to e-mail for the last few days. It has just been that the internet where we are was down, and the network for a modem did not even work, so we were not able to e-mail. We are in a place now though where we can e-mail. Just a nice town about an hour away from our area, where the zone leaders stay. We are just preparing today, to travel to Nairobi by bus and attend zone conference. Am super excited to see what they have in store for us this time around! Even we got to see some of the General Conference on Sunday, which was spectacular. We watched the Saturday morning, and half way through the Sunday afternoon session. Powerful talks for sure!
This week has been something else. We have been seeing still some difficulties in our areas, but are finding different ideas on how to resolve these concerns. It is good. Being here has really helped me to see how a branch works, and what will make it progress, or falter. The best thing is when we are able to work with the leaders of the branch and build their trust. That is one thing that we are seriously working to accomplish, and know that the Lord will help us as we are diligent and humble. So, that is just what is going on small, here in the life of this missionary. I hope that all is still well that side. Preparing for the cold, the leaves changing and all. I hope that you have a great Halloween!  Dress up in something nice! Just have a great week, and love ya tons!
Elder Andreasen

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