Monday, October 6, 2014

Somewhere over the rainbow...in Chyulu...

Well good morning! Thanks for the great update family. I am glad that you were able to see conference. Why did you have to see it at different times though. It is so great that you are getting involved in the wards, and even inviting the YSA kids to know your place. That is one of the best places they could be I think, instead of somewhere else maybe breaking commandments. GOOD WORK!

Well, it is hard to catch up to you in your missionary work there, but things are going pretty good here! haha. Transfers happened again...(Imagine that) and I am still here, which is great. But my fantastic companion got transferred away to a place called Mtito, which is still in our zone. But I have a new companion named Elder Mwashi. He is a Kenyan, and is pretty great. So, we are just getting right to the work, and I am just showing him around. He is trying to get ahold of these bikes. Not too much more has been going on. We are just working with the same same, and are finding that faith is being built, and great brothers and sisters are being reminded of the Joy that they once had.

Things are going great. I am pretty healthy, and so are the other Elders that are in our flat. It is hotter than ever, and sUpER dusty, but that is just life as a Kamba. Carry water for people often, and eat my daily beans. That is it for me. For you, just keep up that powerful work of touching others lives. I am so proud to be apart of such a great family! Keep smiling, and even me too!

Elder Andreasen

P.S. Never touched an elephant in my life, but I would seriously love to. WE see pretty huge monkeys though. Thanks. love ya

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