Monday, December 15, 2014

NYAMA! (It means MEAT!)

Hello! That is once again great to hear from you. You sound really happy, and I am excited for you! Just remember to be safe and all is well. I cannot believe how close it is to Christmas. It really does not even feel like it, but I have been waiting for that exciting day for a while. I love the Christmas cheer that always comes around when all of us get together and listen to Christmas music, and celebrate the holiday of our dear Savior's birth. It is a powerful spirit that helps others to humble down and bring joy into others lives. I love it! So, I am pumped for that, and also something exciting happened today. We have come to be with the other elders of the Zone, so that we could go and visit the Tsavo National Park. YES! We got back around three, and it was awesome. Though we were not able to see TOO many animals, I got pics of an elephant and a giraffe and some zebra, and some small others! COOL! It was really and adventure. That is what has been happening today.

Also, we have not even been in our area for the week because my comp had to go up to Nairobi, and I got to go on exchanges with another elder, and we just did some service. But I love that I AM still a missionary, and am serving the Lord. Looking forward to getting back to our area again, to see what we can do more to help. This past Sunday, we attended our Branch of Yumbuni. It is the one branch that we were really scared was going to get shut down or some like, and really have been working hard to help it to progress. This Sunday there was one of the most spiritual that I have ever had in that branch! I don't know what it was with things, but it just seemed as though the members actually felt like they wanted to somewhat be there, and there were powerful lessons as well as touching talks. And one of the best parts is, that when the Sacrament was passed, I could just feel that spirit was speaking. It was nice. I am so glad to see that through all of our efforts and work that it is paying off small now, and hopefully great in the future. That has been the blessing of the week that has really stood out. 

Blessings are those gifts from God that I will always be grateful for. Lots of them really do stand out, and I just want to let you know that YOU are one of them. That’s not supposed to sound cheesy but it really is SO true. I will always be grateful to my Heavenly Father for putting you in my life. My family.  And also just to all of those who I have just ever met, they have impacted me in my life in some way.  Let this Christmas cheer just be in all of your hearts, and know that I love you, as well as God. Have a great week, and just see to it that the smile never leaves your face!

Much love from:
Elder Andreasen 

P.S. Yes. So about that call. I think that some sufficient time can be given to call. I was thinking and hoping maybe for about and hour and a half, or how ever long you would like. The time will probably be later in the evening here for me when I call, like maybe eight, so if you convert that, i think that is about 10 in the morning your time. I would hope that is not TOO late, I know you like to sleep in on Christmas. HAHA. Alright well that is that and have a great rest of the day! Love you! 

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