Monday, January 5, 2015


HEY! I am SO sorry for the delay! It HAS been some time since one of these letters has actually been able to go through. I finally am able to write, and am just happy to do so! It was really super great to talk to you and to hear your voices, and just see how life is moving on back there. I will admit, it is always just a little weird for me to have to talk to my family through the phone...but I am grateful for that every minute that I get to. I am excited to tell you of some of the things that have been happening these past two weeks. It is really good to know that things are settled back down in the old home. Has it snowed much more there?

As the dust has been settling there, it has been arising around here in the land of Chyulu. It has become hot and dusty and things are starting to turn yellow. It took quite the toll on the fields that were planted, but it is normal to these wonderful people. They have such a sense of dedication to their shambas, and a love for gardening! We, in all of this heat, have truly seen beautiful things happening as our efforts have continued this past while. In one of our branches, less-actives have just been coming back in full. It is an answer, and a miracle to so many prayers. We are seeing that since their presidency has been changed up, people come back to see "how things are going" and we are meeting more and more. Everyone had a wonderful spirit from the holidays, and are also giving church a shot this next year. It is a resolution for many to follow Christ better.  Along with that, I have seen some awesome progress in my speaking and understanding Swahili! It is also a miracle as I and if I keep working to progress it, but if I don't study, I can definitely see a difference. I prayed for the gift of tongues. 

These things about transfers seem to just be there. I am here, and it is week 3 of the transfer, and who knows but God Himself if I will be getting transferred or not. It would be nice to see some change, even if I do stay here, but I would like to go and impact another area as well. We are becoming well known in this area for sure though. It is nice to see fruits of labor. Anyhow, I am just happy to be serving the Lord! It is my favorite thing!  I love you, and wish you the best the rest of this week. Smile big, I know I will! Have a coke!


Elder Andreasen

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