Saturday, January 24, 2015

Bring Peace 1/12/15

HI! Good Morning! Much love and stuff to you. Good to hear from a you. And your just great it sounds. I also am great! Life is just great yea?

I am still here and I am still a missionary. Things are really GOOD. They are just going on well. We are feeling the spirit, and continuing the Lords work. I am reading my scriptures and praying…A lot. We are being blessed by the association of the beautiful people here every day. WE love this Gospel of Jesus Christ. The truth will always go forth and forward; it will prevail! I will always share the Gospel because I know that it is true. (Romans 1:16) I will always allow the Lord to direct my paths because He will do it better than I can do it alone.  Go on and go forth this week, to do the Lords work. I love you so much, and so does our Heavenly Father. This is my  message to you this week. Keep smiling with a great love and fantastic Joy of this life!

Elder Andreasen

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