Monday, January 26, 2015

Nice Time!!

Time seriously does fly! It is crazy how fast it is going, and This week is already gone! But the best part of it is, sO much can happen in one week. So many experiences are covering the days, and that is what makes it just go SO fast. Everyday we get to close for our day, and I seriously get to see how much the Lord has been able to help us, and now it is just normal.

The week has ended so nicely also. We were able to go on exchanges. And it was Super nice because, I was able to go into one of my previous areas of work, and see some of the members, and old investigators that I was teaching. It was awesome, and really a spiritual experience. It also was nice, because even I was able to meet new people over there, and gain a love and appreciation for them. The area is still just doing well. There are going to be so many nice improvements in the future. There is a HUGE push for there to be a stake here, because it has been a district for 22 years now. They are thinking of maybe combining some of the small branches around, to be together. It will help a lot with the priesthood and home teaching and visiting teaching. Eventually this year throughout Kenya, there will be about 3 stakes at least if not four, and can work towards that goal of having a temple here. I would hope that would happen. If it did, I would definitely come back and go through. =D

Yesterday we had a nice experience. This sister that is investigating the church, and it was nice to see her gaining the knowledge that we are not devil worshipers, or Illuminati, and to see her being touched by the spirit. She was able to speak to the branch president, and he was able to answer some questions, and testify of his experience of going to the temple with his family. She says that she is really thinking about   

That is about it for this week again. We are happy with the weather, even though it is SO HOT. We are getting all of the maze from the fields, and we are just eating SO many beans! Also, when we go to most of the members places, they have wild blackberry trees around. They don't use the berries for anything, so we EAT. Ni tamu kabisa. Alright. Well, I love you, and hope that you have a nice day, a wonderful week, and may the spirit guide you all throughout.

Elder Andreasen

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