Monday, February 2, 2015

Lovin ya from 'n' da far!

Good Morning and Afternoon to you. Thanks SO much for the update. I can't believe they made you ward missionaries! That is so exciting! I am super stoked for you and the experiences that the Lord is going to help you to have. That is such a blessing. That is also great to hear that you don't have to suffer the cold for too much longer. You might want to wait on the lawn until the grass actually starts to a growing. I am sorry that you both have been sick. That is not good. I think it might be the Lord just trying to strengthen you and build your faith for this new calling...maybe? I do pray to God for Him to protect you, and keep you healthy, but I will have to pray with more faith maybe.

This week here on my end has just been nice. We are just doing the same work, and things around are about the same, with a little more progress. We are receiving transfer news tonight, so we shall see what happens, if I stay or go. If I do go, I would hope that the ones coming in will really help this area to keep progressing in all of its potential. I know that Heavenly Father will take care of that. That is about all for the work. But I just started reading the Book of Mormon again, and am really studying it deeply. That is SO nice, because every time that I study it, I find that I use those things throughout the day, to testify of the truthfulness of the book. That is really awesome to see how powerful the Book of Mormon can be in touching the lives of others. Always remember your own testimony about that book, and share it with the whole world! Ok? ok.

Alright. Love you a lot. Thanks for everything. Keep up the good work, and follow the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I promise that it works. Wish grandpa Davis a Very happy birthday as well. Give him a big hug and tell him that I miss him and can't wait to see him when I get back! 

Elder Andreasen

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