Monday, October 14, 2013

Merembe! (Hello in Luya)

You’re Right! Another week has passed! Crazy, I am almost three months here...weird. Time just keeps to be going by and yet I still feel new in this foreign place. It’s really not so foreign to me as much any more but I still wonder everyday why these people do some of the things they do!!! Here are a few things though that are pretty different: They have chips (fries) as a meal here...everywhere you GO; its not a bad thing but you eat it with a fork and usually are given some fake ketchup stuff called tomato sauce to smother them with, YUM. Pop is still in glass bottles here and is super good. The way they cook corn, they cook it for like five min. then serve it hard. The air here is polluted beyond measure, none of the cars are filtered exhaust…can't think of that word. Dogs and cats are not pets...some think cats have evil spirits in them. There are speed bumps in the road about every half mile and so my head is becoming numb from hitting the ceiling of the motatus! When you go to some of the shops on the street, they are all selling the SAME THING! I really don't know how that even works. Motor bikes are a form of transportation here and those guys just get CRAZY when they are on the streets...we have been banned from riding them. But those are just some few things that go on here. Haha, one time we were walking with some other missionaries and we passed by this guy, he told us that our skin was money. They think that all white people are rich...that'd be weird if my skin was money, probably pretty painful too think about it.  This week hasn't really been too eventful but I will tell you about some great things that happened!

So we met again our neighbor in our compound, who actually grew up as a Muslim. His name is Hamza. He was the first person that I ever taught when I arrived in Eldoret and we hadn't seen him since. It is kind of good though because he had surgery on his leg from an incident at work, and is now home ridden. We were able to go over and talk with him and really share what we believe. You see, he wants to become a Christian and sees especially now that we are A LOT different from other Christians. But he knows his stuff and just is so so questioning about everything. He has made me think about the Bible in ways I have not before. So have been studying up from some books about the Bible and just in the Bible its self.  We finally just referred him to the church website but he is just such a good guy and wants the best for his family.

Wow! so Caroline has told us that she really is wanting to get baptized. The thing is, Irene went back home to see her family which is a while away and we don't know when she will get back. But Caroline said that she has really been thinking about it and knows that she is going to go back to stay with her family and knows she needs to get baptized. We haven't yet set a certain day but it will be soon! That really makes me SUPER happy!

This week on Saturday, we had an activity for the members where we discussed everything about what the Book of Mormon is and how it came to be. That was so awesome because I totally just loved to see these people asking great questions and seeing them answered. We got to show them the Restoration movie and it was just a nice time. We got to do a great service to some members of another branch this week. We missionaries all went and helped clean up a field and plant beans. Mmmm, I tried my first guavas and they were SO good. I want a Guava tree! Speaking of fruit trees, Holy CATS that's a lot of apples off the tree! Don't eat to many! haha

That is great that Skyler and Dad got to go and spend some time fishing and just hanging. You'll have to tell me who caught the most fish. I am not going to lie, I still am not the biggest fan of some fishing but its growing on me. Golli gee, I would have to sit and listen to fishing stories all day long working at Tony's and so I kind of like it some more. Futball! I am growing to seriously love the sport! Haven't really been able to play much in the last two weeks but I have been practicing my skills! I am learning all of the rules and well, I HAD to pick a side for the Main teams. MANCHESTER UNITED! haha! The African missionaries have been explaining a lot to me. I am explaining Baseball to them...most have never played! But Rugby is also big here but I still haven't learned how to play, I want to WAY bad though! When you play sports here, no matter what it is, it gets crazy. These people are competitive! I love it though! People play cricket also I guess but I have not seen it. It’s mainly Futball here though. Anyway…I just really like it here, it’s fun. 

I love you all very much! I wish the best of the week to you! HAVE FUN! Be Semi-Safe! And just know that you’re the BEST!

Much love from:
(Seriously Do)

P.S. Did you know that there are about 42 tribes in Africa!?!

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