Monday, October 28, 2013

Sawubona! (Hello in Zulu)

HI! Habari! WOW! Yet another week has come to pass! This week has been good, and today has been fantastic. Tonight we get to hear transfer news which means that we get to see who goes and who stays and such! I wish I could let you know now but unfortunately not till next week! OH MAN! I totally don't miss raking the leaves! That is good that they are falling though. I bet the canyons are gorgeous and that is just great! Ha, there are only two seasons here and it actually decided to be a bipolar weather week! It has been very hot and rained a lot!

Ok, so this week has pretty much been the same as last. We did teach someone though that we finally were able to get a hold of again. His name is Francis, and he just never answers his phone. The way I met him was with my last companion. He came up to us off the street and just told us straight up that he wants to join our church, which he still has set in his mind! So we finally got a hold of him and got to teach him. Have a return appointment and he is just interested in what we have to share and what the Lord has to offer him. OH! Irene came BACK! She walked in one day as we were with Caroline! Man…and she came to church. Aw, so I don't think I have told you about our friend and investigator named Christina. She is a referral from one of our members and she is just a great friend to the missionaries. Her husband is actually a pastor and so she really tries to follow Christ. We go and see her and her sister (Christy) every Sunday. She has a little baby boy and he is just so awesome but he's a cryer, so we help her out with him a little bit. But she has that desire to come to church! She hasn't been able to for the last little while because well...she gave birth. We are just sharing with her and she sees the truth and really is just such a blessing in our lives. I just love these great people and love that I get to serve them. I actually have been focusing on the word service this past week and have found that it really just connects into everything. Charity is the pure love of Christ and this gospel and plan is centered on Jesus Christ. COOL!

Anyhow! The missionary efforts just keep pushing forward! I am grateful for the calling to serve the Lord for two years fully. I love that I get the chance to call my self a missionary of the Lord! I love to look to myself as being like one of my favorite scripture hero's who is Alma the younger. What great faith he and his brethren had to change lives and really truly be converted to serve to help truly convert others to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. One of my favorite hymns on missionary work is #263. Look at the words. They are fantastic, just like the work! Love you all! Have a great week!

Elder Andreasen
Keep Smiling!

P.s. I don't know if I told you but did you know that most of the ladies here wear fake hair! It looks sweet but the braids aren't real!

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