Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I'm Changing Into An African

WOW! cockadoodle doooo! How are you? Guess who!?! It’s me! Yes, your partially African son. I'm feeling Great today and you know my day has been good but you know what makes it better is that I get to write to the most awesome family ever!!! That’s You!...not the Brady Bunch. hahaha Man! So I woke up this morning and the temperature was nice and warm and the air was good and dusty…mmmm mmm. I feel right at home! That is SO crazy that you already have snow in the mountains! I didn't think that would come at least until half way through October. What is nature THINKING! But wow, it sounds like your week has been pretty good. I am glad mom that you were able to go and see gma and gpa Davis! That is to bad that their computer has been down but I love them SO much and that is good to hear that gpa is planning on living to be 100! I am looking forward to it! But it kind of really just makes me laugh when I think of how gma would get all frustrated over technology. Bless her heart. Dad, that is so good that you got to go fishing! Way to Catch! That’s the way my dad does it! Haha. Skyler, hope school is going great! I know you’re getting good grades! Ya? And work, I hope that’s good too!

This week. This week my companion and I have been getting to know each other a little better. We are finding ways that we can teach and I know that I am definitely learning great things from Elder Ndwandwe. This week we found one of our old investigators that we lost contact with a while ago. His name is Edwin. We have been teaching him a lot and he has been asking those good questions and it is so good to be able to answer him. We had an amazing experience with Edwin though. We sat down with him after church and just started chatting with him. It was nice to see him at church again and he said that he had really felt the spirit. Earlier this week we had asked him about the B question and told him to pray about it and we'll come up with a date. When we were chatting with him, he actually brought up Baptism. He said that he had found a date and that the Lord really has been answering his prayers. He says that he wants to get baptized this next WEEK! So we are planning on having a baptism this next week and are so excited for Edwin!!!

We also have been working with these two other sisters, I don't know if I have mentioned but we've been teaching them since I have been here. Their names are Caroline and Irene. They are college students and have just been living in Eldoret for school. We actually finished teaching them about everything that needs to be taught this last week. They say they feel good about being baptized but at the same time they are not ready. Both of them actually come from families that are apart of other religion. So that is just one thing that they are struggling with as to tell their families and really have enough faith in the Lord that all will work out. They just also really want to fully feel like it’s the right thing. I have SO much faith in them and am just praying for them. I can see that they are ready to enter the waters of baptism but we don't want to force them to do anything. But looking to the future for them! All we can do is just keep being their friend!

Ah. So my talk went great! I talked about one of my ultimate favorite topics ever…Testimonies. Yes it is getting easier to prepare for these things especially when you have such a testimony about what you are talking about. My personal testimony just keeps climbing and growing! I actually have really been gaining more of a testimony on families this last week. It felt like everything that I was teaching or learning or just seeing around me really came to family. I love it that in this culture, family is everything and that everybody IS family. I also see that there are a lot of broken families too. It breaks my heart to see someone that is so lost and away from a family. I love to be able to help and show them this gospel though and show them that we are an eternal family and that God is our Father and that He does LOVE us more than we can comprehend. It makes me feel more and more grateful that I have such a loving family that has showed me the way and that really does love me. I know that family is the most important, and I have seen how this plan really is just centered all together on family.  What great blessings that I have in my life and each of you are one of them. Thank you for being just so great!

Anyhow, this is getting to be to long of a letter…haha but I just love it out here. I can see myself changing and even into an African. One thing that I have to work on is kind of changing my accent actually. It is fun to try and communicate with some of these people. Sometimes a little frustrating but if I'm teaching the gospel, then so worth it. One of the sisters is like, you are living in Africa so you'll have no choice but to become an African! haha  I am happy and healthy. Life is great. Oh, so we actually live in a flat.  It is just pretty much an apartment inside a compound, or surrounded by a cement wall.  Hopefully I will be sending pictures soon. Sorry…been slacking on that. I hope you all have an amazing week! I love you lots lots and wish the best! Keep safe! And keep up the good work!

Much love from:
Elder Andreasen

P.S. Halloween. Halloween? Does that even exist in Africa…I don't even know! I'll have to ask for sure!

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