Monday, October 21, 2013


Well hey you guys! :) So wow it’s been a week. I mean like not much has gone on but it’s been a weeek! The week kind of seemed to STRETCH but I love to be able to count these great moments that I have on the mission. I FINALLY got to see conference!!! It was amazing! EXCEPT I still haven't been able to see the Saturday afternoon session, and I really am wanting to hear Elder Holland's talk!!! But Man, I just love to hear them talk and testify. I seriously am just like a kid in a candy shop and this sugar is really SO sweet!!! That really has been the highlight of the week. That and we were eating in this little restaurant cafe place just resting for a second and a huge bang came from out of the door so I went to go and see what it was. This lady smashed her CAR into the side of the place!!! It totally smashed the whole front of the car into a V shape! It was so weird though cause it wasn't even like a big deal... The owner just talked to them and then they got back into the car and drove off, in the middle of the day. HAHA ok then.

Oh, transfers are going to be the next week. So everybody finds out what is changing next Monday night. We'll see what happens! We have not been doing anything really fun on p-day for the last couple of weeks, just e-mailing, shopping, washing, cleaning, resting, stuff like that just to answer that question. I wish we would play some fut-ball or something but oh well.

Like I said, not much has gone on this week. We did get a referral and have been teaching someone new though! His name is James. He is another friend of Dave and Douglas! I love that they just keep bringing friends to us! It’s so cool though, because he was just there one day when we were sharing something with Dave and he made an interesting comment. He said that he had really seen a change in his friends when they got baptized and that it was a good change. He said that he knew that God was with them and he wanted to see that in his own life. WOW! I love these young people a lot! I mean I love all of the people that we get to share this gospel with but I just love teaching these awesome kids and really see how they are wanting to change their life. There has been no word on Irene, even Caroline does not know when she is coming back but hope all is still well. I am actually not sure that she will get baptized...at least not by us. Caroline has been still coming to church and just making friends in the ward! That is really good to see, they can really encourage her. She is just awesome…still not a set date yet though.

Hey SKYLER! Thanks for Praying for me at dinner! haha. I do like to think about the word success myself. Sometimes I feel inadequate when I see the word success but you are most right! Success isn't measured by winning but by touching someone with the gospel, planting that seed. I am not going to lie and tell you that it hasn't been a little rough but I know that as we keep striving to do the best we can do, the Lord will truly bless.

I got to see two children get baptized on Sunday and I gave a short little three minute talk to them and it felt great. They are awesome for choosing to get baptized! They actually got baptized at our church this time in the "blue garbage can" font. It was funny cause the little girl that got baptized, came out of the water and started crying because the water was cold! We'll just say that it was because she felt so clean though!

I think that's it. I really love you very much! I sincerely do pray for you every night and love to hear that all is well. I wish I could have seen a giraffe but I still haven't yet…hah. I pray for the Lord to keep blessing you and just wish the best of this next week! Have fun, keep laughing, smiling and just finding joy in everything that you do. I know it's not hard for you to do that though! JUST LOVE YA TONS!

Elder Andreasen

P.s. Halloween doesn't even EXIST here in Kenya!!! I'll have to celebrate it anyway! SUGAR!!!...and some healthy stuff too.

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