Monday, January 20, 2014

6 Months!!

Well hey you guys! Happy Day! I am doing great this fine day. Isn't it weird, 1/4 of my mission is pretty much gone…WEIRD! It seems like a short amount of time that I have been out here but it also seems like there is still a lot of time that I get to spend serving the Lord on this mission. That makes me super excited!

Hmm, I want to start out by telling you guys what happened yesterday. We got to attend the dedication of a new chapel in one of the areas in Eldoret! I am so happy that it was finally dedicated, we have been waiting for it since I got here. It was such a spiritually uplifting day! The mission president actually came up and dedicated it. It is a beautiful building and is a district building so it is about as big as one back home. It was so good though to see the mission president. He really is such a humble man and I can definitely tell that he is inspired in what he does. We all were able to be interviewed by him and it was just excellent! It actually was the last week of the transfer and so when he was interviewing us, he let us know transfer news. Elder Kisesi and I are staying here in this beautiful Eldoret! Man! Something that is going on in the mission right now is Satan is really trying to mess up the work! I remember that I mentioned problems with visas and things, so the country is pretty much not letting any missionaries at ALL into the mission! We are seeing missionaries finish their missions but no new missionaries are arriving. It is hard on the mission because we need them. We have had to see some areas get closed out and it is crazy what is happening. BUT the cool thing is, we as missionaries have really upped the level of effort and are getting more work done in the mission with less missionaries than previous!

AW!...so this past week has really been so nice! We have had answers to our prayers and have found three new people that are really willing to learn more about the gospel! One in particular makes me laugh. We have only met with her at one family home evening and she was a referral from a member. She lives in the same compound as the family. She would see us walk in and she would get scared and run inside. She is about twenty and she has heard rumors of us being devil worshipers, we suck blood, sacrifice our children, and things...ya know the usual. She was simply curious why the family would ever let these people into their home. We are good buddies now and are excited to see what’s in the future! Haha. There is a lot more that I want to tell you but that would just keep making this longer and LONGER. We are working with our ward mission leader more, we are working with members more, trying to see more less actives, and the goal for this branch within the next year is for it to become a stake…wow!

Kenya is still Kenya, it is hot and very dusty. I like the food and am trying always to stay healthy. I laugh out loud and I smile as much as I can! Have a great week love you guys a ton!

Elder Andreasen
Grinning? YES!

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