Monday, January 27, 2014

Staying Put

Hi Ya! How are all of you doing! I can tell you that I am doing so well! I love you all! I love my beautiful Eldoret, it is really becoming my home now. I am going to be here probably for at least the next two transfers. Elder Kisesi is most likely going to be leaving this next transfer and I will just be here...still! haha. I feel like I have really been spoiled with how amazing of a place it is. All is well with my Visa by the way. We here are taken care of, but still no sign yet that things will be changing for the "let in" for new missionaries. 

The work this week has been going good. We actually started meeting a lot of new people around that seem really promising. We have been tracking and just finding a lot this past week. We are working on trying to keep getting closer to members and getting more referrals from them. That is actually something that is really just so so important that we keep looking at. Members are seriously SO powerful and we want to make sure that they feel comfortable with us. We actually have been working with the ward mission leader a lot lately. He is a serious inspiration to us and personally just an example to me. He is an RM and is a hard working guy. That is something that he has really taught me. As we have been talking with him, he has shown us ways that we can really become even harder working missionaries and has these powerful and useful tools for the work. I have seen that all I need IS that exact obedience. I need to stay diligent and have self perseverance in everything I do. This won't just help me here but throughout my whole life. I am making sure that I simply am not lazy and that I do everything to my best ability and at my top effort. I love that we get the chance to change. We have been also working on bringing back those that have become less active most recently. That is something that has been faced here. You are right, Satan does come and discourage but we are always trying to encourage them back. Those that I baptized back in Huruma actually have been struggling a little bit because of all of the persecution but the missionaries there are taking good care of them.

Wow! You guys sound so great! Way to go dad for finishing the Book of Mormon again! That is seriously Awesome! It really does teach so much and it does just build faith and I love that!  I hope you guys just keep being awesome and happy and I love ya tons. Have a great week!

Elder Andreasen
Keep Smiling!

P.S. Hey Grandpa Davis! Happy Birthday! Way to go for making it this far! That’s a few years in the past and I am hoping you keep going more years ahead!  Thank you so much for your great example and I hope you have a fantastic Birthday! I love you very much and wish the best and pray for you! I wish I could send you a cake! Make it the best 83rd birthday that you could ever have!

Love Tanner.

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