Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy New Year!!! 2014

Well Hey you guys! Happy New Year. It is definitely weird to say that it is 2014. I can officially say that I will be going home next year! Not that it really matters to me, I love it here in Kenya! Wow so guess what, my day has been SO good! We got to go and do something as a zone. We went to some other waterfalls that are actually around my old area. These waterfalls were a lot more fun! We got to climb around and there is this place where you can go behind the falls. It really is just one of the most beautiful places that I have been! I got some sweet pics of the place and I am trying to find a card reader so that I can send all of these pics. I actually have been taking some pics of my area a little bit and things too. I just tried sending some but all is not going through for me to be able to attach these photos but I'll find a way! 

I got a letter from someone asking if Kenya is like South Africa. I must tell you that if you see pics of SA then you are seeing some nice things and nice streets and things. Kenya on the other hand is really the general Africa that you would picture. Mud huts, dirt streets, especially when you go from the one main paved road. We actually have had a chance to help fix a mud hut and that was fun and I am excited to actually fully build one!!! ... playing in the mud.

Wow, that is so good that you got that letter in Relief Society mom. When she asked me, it was seriously very hard for me to respond because I have SO much to say about the Savior and it is difficult to summarize it in just a paragraph. OH! PLEASE tell Denise that I love her and that she is in my thoughts. She is an inspiration and she really has so much faith, tell her thank you.

New Years wasn't anything too special but they do celebrate it more than Christmas here. It is Exciting and we get through more Word of Wisdom pamphlets. Things are starting to pick back up after the holidays. We had a slow week last week and we went on exchanges, so we are back in business. We still are planning on having a baptism this next Sunday. Don't know who is going to be baptizing but I'll let you know. We right now are really trying to keep working with members and we have had a lot of progress with that. Our next goal is to make sure that we are getting to the Less Actives and help them a little more to come back. The work is just moving right along and it is not easy but so WORTH IT! My companion and I make one heck of a team and I am so excited for this next week.

WOW! Skyler moved out! That is crazy and fun! I guess it will be a little more quiet. You know, I look forward to that time when we all get to be together as a family again. It might not be for long but it might happen a little. Anyhow, I don't have too much more to say but I am just happy to be here. I do get to share my testimony several times a day and really have found such a love for these people in this area! I love you guys and wish the best for you. Have a great rest of the week!

Elder Andreasen
Always Smilin!

P.S. The bishopric sent me a package and I just want them to know that I got it. Tell them thanks for that and all they are doing. I am grateful kabisa for them. So if you could maybe pass along.

P.S.S. Is there any word on Sister Morgan Taylor and how she is doing?

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