Monday, January 13, 2014

Hot and Dusty and Just Nice

Hey you guys! Howz Life!? So thank you for your letter, it is great to hear from you guys every week! I am doing fantastic! I am feeling the love of the Lord and just pretty happy. I can tell you that Africa is still pretty much the same but it is hot and dusty and just nice. The baptism that we had was just so great! I was so happy to see her go into the waters of Mormon! Neither of us actually baptized her though, her cousin did, part of the family that gave us the referral. It is good that he was the one though because what a great way to get ready for a mission! Her name is Agnes and she is 15. She is currently staying with Mama Steve (Sister Emily) a.k.a. Mom of the Jerusalem missionaries! This is so good because she is enveloped in a strongly spiritual atmosphere. I love that when we go over, she has read like half of the Book of Mormon! haha Anyhow, am very excited for her.

This week in the work, it actually has been a really rough week. We have been bounced a lot and people just seem to not want to see us or something. But the good thing is, we have been working with some investigators more closely and they are gaining a greater testimony of the things that we are sharing. One of the investigators names is Kevin. He is about 22 and is just super up beat and every time we go there, I really end up learning more. He has like these crazy deep questions and we try to stay on topic but it is hard with him because of such great questions. We also had a guy come to church, whose name is Joel, and we are good buds! He had talked to some other missionaries once a while back and lost contact but I can see him in the white clothes already! We can only teach him once a week on Sundays though because of how far out he is. He came last week and we gave him a pamphlet. He came yesterday and had read the whole thing and even done the scripture study in the back...HE READ! It really does not happen very often at all but he is ready.

That is really too bad to hear about Denise and I will be praying for Jay. I do thank the Lord for the great health that I have been blessed with. It sounds like things are just things back there and that’s good. I will always be praying for you. That is good for you Sky...keep up the good work! Jeter! Stop terrible 2ing!!! And I love you all very much! That is great to hear that Morgan is recovering. It would have not been good to see it go the other way but that is the Lords protection.

Alright, have a great week. Love ya tons and keep spreading the gospel!

Elder Andreasen

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