Monday, March 3, 2014

What An Amazing Place

Hello hello! How are you doing? I am doing Great! It sounds like you are doing just great yourselves. I don't think that you guys could ever be boring though, you’re my parents, and Mark and Paula Andreasen are NOT boring! haha I have just had a great day, and a great week. Just been doing the usual thing ya know...MISSIONARY WORK! I love that I get to serve the Lord, and especially in this amazing place of Chyulu! Ya know, I will be honest with you and tell you that a lot of missionaries say that they don't like this place. They call it the Repentance area...where someone gets sent because President doesn't like them or something...But that is NOT true! I can see why someone could not like this place, but I keep falling more and more in love with it. When you get past the sweat and the hot sun, you find that there are so many great things around to look at. First off, the people. I did mention that they are always smiling, and I love that, but they really are just so friendly. I feel like they just except us as missionaries and they are really just so welcoming. Then you look and you have the great Kamba music that is EVERYWHERE. haha, It really sounds like out of tune guitars and banging tins, but it has this nice get-up to it. The good food which is beans and Chapati and beans and corn and rice. It really is just awesome though, and it seriously teaches you how to work and how to put your faith into action.

It is nice, because this week we were able to actually get a little further in knowing the area and meeting a lot more people. We have been taken by some great members who have dedicated a little bit of time to not work and lead us. OH, that is another thing, most people here either work in the small markets, selling fruits and veggies, or at small café like places, or they farm. Most farm. So, they mainly depend on the crops, and hope that they do well. It has been hard this year, because when they planted during the time that it was supposed to rain, it didn't very much. So, now it is hard work to try and come up with money and feed the family for some of the people, but they do take time to really help and show us around, and that is amazing. But we have been meeting a few less actives, and seeing where others live. We are trying to get to know the areas, but they are all so big, and since it is bush, it is somewhat hard to find where someone stays. It is like, a bunch of twists and turns through trees and bushes, and then we are there! hahaha One thing that we are now facing that is the hardest, is in one branch we are struggling to have people trusting and getting along in the leadership, and with the leadership. There is a lot of contention in the branch, and that is one of the main reasons why there are so many less actives... We are finding more and more out that we have to work on with the branches, and we can only do it with faith in the Lord. We are trying to help some potential missionaries to try rethinking about mission, and we are going to really still try and focus a lot on the youth. Very much excited for all of this!

Yes, my bum is ok now. I am gaining some Good padding, (in muscle) so I think I will be ok! hehe We do have electricity for most of the time, and we do have water thank goodness. People here seriously walk everyday to go and fetch water and carry it back to their place. They have big amounts of dedication, but they are still just happy as can be. No, not many people have TV's. Mainly just in the market, and if they are living well. Most everyone lives in mudhuts, and just have their chickens, goats, oxen, and others. Nobody has cars, but bikes are popular. Which reminds me, thank you SO much dad for teaching me how to fix a bike! Ha! This thing has SO many problems, and I have had three popped tires and brake problems and I am just so grateful for this fantastic skill. Thanks with much love! Hmmm, well yep, I think that's about all for now. But I love you guys, and thank you so much for writing! I will let you know more next time. Until then, have a great one!

Elder Andreasen

P.S. Hey so yes I do know of Elder Sitati. People are very happy to say that there is a Kenyan serving in the seventy. I Have heard a LOT about his strict character. We had three people from my last areas that were in the Ghana mission when he was President, and they told us all about it. I hope I can meet him someday. Have I ever met this Great Uncle Roger? I don't recall him. Anyhow, love ya and have a great week!

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