Monday, April 21, 2014


Hey my loving family! Yet another week, and things are still good. It really seems like life is just going and going, and that we are all taking it one step at a time. I feel so much love for each of you, and just do pray for you. I love to just stop and take a breather and listen...when I listen and feel, and try to understand the spirit and just what God wants for me, then things seem to become more joyful and meaningful and less stressful. Today for example, we went early in the morning to help one of the member families clean the church, and when we got there the locks had been switched and things were not working out. haha, We cleaned for 3 hours, and it was just something, but now I am taking time to breathe and just seeing your e-mails makes me smile and happy. I love you guys so much. The other day, when I was studying, I took some time to think about our family. It has not been full for the last 3 or so years, and we have all come SO far in life. It will sure be a reunion when we all get back together at one place for small time. Then life will take off again. How cool is it that we get to be together for all eternity though! Legit!

This past week we as a companionship have seriously worked hard. I am seriously feeling it right now as we speak. I LOVE that feeling. I made a goal, and that is to make sure that when I come home every single night, I will be absolutely dead tired. That is the way I know that I have given my all and sincerely just worked hard. This mission has so many testimony building moments. It is hard and sometimes there are things that would give someone a reason to be down. Like for example we might plan out the day and have about five people or so to see, and they all bounce us...happens like every other day. But I know my purpose as a missionary and I know my duty that I have been given under this calling, and I feel absolutely guilty if I waste any time, so we learn to use time wisely. It has been hard this past week. We have seen some of our investigators digress, and have had to push back some baptism dates. The good thing though, is that with each of them, we have connected more, and helped them to understand what the spirit feels like, and purely just let them know that we care about them, that we are there for THEM and not for us. We are still planning on having at least two baptisms this next week. I just sincerely want the best for all of these people because they are my friends and I love them. Something that has kept me going is this powerful statement that was given to us while growing up. It goes like this..."Remember who you are, and don't let it get you down." That statement is true. Thanks mom and dad. :) love ya

Man! Can you believe that was Easter!?! Haha. I hope the Easter bunny stopped by your house! Not much happened here on that great Easter day. We had the opportunity to watch the Saturday sessions of conference though, and that was really great! I loved all of the talks, they all really were so powerful. We just did missionary work, that was Easter. It is so awesome to see how everybody around is really happy though. It is like you would get into a taxi and people would just be smiling, and you would just hear the pastors going off loud, and everything is just SO churchy. I love the whole concept and true reality of Easter. Is it not great that because Christ was able to bring life to himself, that he can bring life to us. Ya know there is something that seriously cracked me up this morning. A pastor was talking on the radio in the matatu, and he was talking about how we can change as we come to Christ, and he made an example of HOW we can change. It is like when Kent Clark goes into a phone booth and comes out as superman, or when Miley Cyrus suddenly becomes Hanna Montana. hahaha it still gets me. But I think that it is kind of true though, you always will see a physical change in a person because they are being changed spiritually. I've seen the reality of this gospel, and what it can do, and it is not too far from what that pastor was saying.

Hey by the way, Skyler, way to go with that great act of service on Sunday! I am sure that the Lord is truly rejoicing that you have just introduced yet another marvelous daughter of God to His only true church on this earth. That will bless her life immensely and I just hope that she accepts what she has now been revealed. Eeesh this is getting long eh! Well, have a great week you guys and let the spirit of the Lord guide your lives in all aspects. Be strong and of a good courage. 

Elder Andreasen

Let us FLY!

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