Monday, April 7, 2014

I Love This Work!!

Hello hello! Good day. So I am doing well, and am just happy. It sounds like a lot is happening around those parts, and WOW what an exciting adventure that is! haha You guys make me smile ya know that! I just love ya. That is seriously so cool that you are taking time to go and to help build up the church and what FANTASTIC opportunities you will receive by doing that. NO doubt that you will make a difference and find people to bring more joy and happiness in their life. 

Aw man, I wish we could have already watched conference, but unfortunately still have to wait some. I hear it really is super good, and that the two main topics are around love and obedience. There is a lady in our ward that works in translating of the conference talks. So she gets to listen to them before other people do, and she was just sharing how much of a spiritual time it is to do that.  

This week has been SO good, and we have really been working hard. We are seeing the fruits of our labors and the greatness of just the Lord still answering our prayers. We have agreed with three people for baptism dates, and are hoping that we at least get within the next two months, seven or so baptisms! I am really excited. It is really great to see these people progress, and see them getting excited about the gospel. Like every time we teach, we try and make it so that we can just feel the spirit super strong, and for me, I am just trying to love them as Christ would love them. We have some three great pre-missionaries working with us from the branch. We are trying to help them out with getting the experience, and bearing their testimonies. My companions are both just fantastic and great. Our friend Elder Orenge is still chilling here with us in Kenya. He is progressing SO much, and just is excited about sharing with everybody. They are going to LOVE him in the MTC. So, we decided that we really need to see more less actives here in this branch though, because like yesterday at church there were only about 32-33 people in sacrament out of a branch of 200 and some odd. We are just praying that the members get that strike back in their heart to come back. 

I am healthy, and feeling the spirit. Oh, so have you guys seen this new program that the church has put out for the youth? It is the "Come Follow Me" program and theme for the year. It seems like it will be powerful, and just super Effective in the teaching of the youth and of connecting with each other and with God. Have you seen a difference in the ward as this has been applied? I seriously love it. It teaches pretty much how to teach as Christ did, and just is another thing that makes me smile. All we need to do everyday is really love and care about everybody we come in contact with. There are So many ways to be doing that too. I just love smiling at them and waving, but I know that serving them is a HUGE part. Anyhow, that is it for now. Just love ya again, and have a great faith filled week!

Elder Andreasen
Feel the love...SMILE!

P.S. Hey Grandma Andreasen! Happy Birthday! I hope you are enjoying your day. I just love ya, and hope all goes well, and that you get some of those great birthday wishes! Keep up the great work of living life on earth, and just know that I (one of your FAVORITE grandsons) LOVES you VERY much, and is think about you! Have a GREAT day!

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