Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Hey you guys! Wow it is sure good to hear how things are going with you. Man that is crazy that you really are going, and are in North Dakota! It is really nice to serve the Lord. Wow, the week has just been SO powerful. I have really felt that the spirit has been guiding and directing me in the work and just in my life.

The Work is truly coming along Marvelous. We are SO excited for all of our investigators, we have five people with baptism dates, and they are really progressing so well. I love to see how much each of them are changing and just gaining an understanding of the gospel. I think that I shared with you in a past letter that I have been working on just loving everyone that we meet, and I have seen how much that really helps invite the spirit. It is so powerful to always be feeling the spirit as you are teaching and just let it guide and direct your words, and Even your actions. Yesterday, we actually had this super powerful lesson with one of our investigators. Her name is Susanne. We were teaching her, and it was like the second time that we have actually been able to sit down with her after church and have a lesson. But when we were there, it was so awesome to see how the spirit was working through me to help me to understand her needs and how we as missionaries were going to be able to help her. About halfway through the lesson, she seemed to stop being so interested, and so I stopped the lesson and just simply asked her how she was feeling. That was the key. We got somewhere with that, and shared what she needed to hear. To be honest, I have noticed how bad a lesson can go when the spirit is not with us or even not helping them. I am seeing that there are so many ways to show that you care about someone and truly love them. Hmmm...what else are you desiring to hear from the missionary work? haha Not sure what else to say, except that I love just the power of this gospel! It IS true, and the power of the Atonement works in each and every life! I just heard that two of our investigators back up in Eldoret got baptized! We worked very hard with one of them, and it is SO good to hear that he finally made a choice, and that he was SURE about it too!

The branch that we are working with is really needing some mending. The numbers are around the thirties or so on Sundays. It is sad and we are working hard to try and find members who know less actives and just get some people to come to church! I really think that I might be able to go and Skype on Mothers Day, not really for sure, but I am stoked to hear or see you. OH! I forgot to mention that I saw my first wild giraffe on my way here to Nairobi! That was exciting, and I just saw another camel the other day, so it reminded me. Don't even know bout Easter. Well, I think that is bout it. I love ya and hope the best for you this next week!

Elder Andreasen

Don't Forget to Smile!

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