Thursday, May 22, 2014


Howz it Family! I just love ya all! I hope that things have started to settle down, and that you guys had a safe journey. That is cool about the new Stake Presidency. That is also good that you guys got to go back and visit. haha, When you get fed it is nice, and when you get fed spiritually, it is even better.

Now, today I woke up, and just was in a great mood, and yesterday the same, and the day before that, and before that. It is like it never ends! I love this stuff. It makes life good. I don't want it to end. Can you believe that I am almost to a year on this crazy mission! It is just flying now! Time is just running (as Elder Baku would say). Yesterday, we went to church. It was great and it was VERY spiritual. I just felt it, and it was nice to be able to help teach the gospel principles class, and to also be able to teach this SUPER powerful investigator named Zipporah. We have been teaching her for a long while, but on Sunday she said that it was one of the best lessons that she has had, and it was on the law of tithing and fast offerings. She is coming SO far, but she won't commit to baptism yet. She is still wanting to make sure about these things, and so we just are praying for her as she keeps praying. We have just been searching these great places for those souls that are searching. We have found some nice new investigators. Don is someone that we met. He is seriously trying to search how religion can apply to his life. He is about my age, and he has ever gone to church like once in his life, and didn't even really know what or who God was. It is a really sweet twist on the lesson to be helping him to realize that God loves His children, and actually answers prayers. We also set two more baptism dates....so if all of these dates go through then we should be looking forward to six people entering into this fantastic covenant! Woot.

Ah, and it is just nice weather all of the time. It rains kidogo, and then shines. It is all just beautiful. Did I ever tell you guys that there are monkeys at the church? They just live around, and they come and will run around the church grounds during services. They are SO distracting, and SO cool. Well. I think that is it for now. Just keep on keepin’ on. Have a great week keep up the laughs and smiles. Does God smile...I think yes.

Much love from:

Elder Andreasen

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