Monday, May 26, 2014

Penda SANA!

Hey Family! Wow, you’re right, it has been yet another month, and what an amazing time it has been. The best part of it is, that we get to move along even further in life! It is nice to know that you two have each other up in that little place in ND, and it is amazing how you are just taking it one step at a time. It sounds like you are keeping busy with SO many things; work, and the new place. I am sorry that you have to work on Memorial Day dad, not so awesome, but that is really good to hear that you are able to have those great weekends off to go on a few dates with mom. I just love you.

Ok, so I want to start out letting you know about the week by telling you what happened on Thursday. We all had this great opportunity when attending mission tour, to meet a member of the seventy, and to just learn SO much from him. It was just absolutely AMAZING! The member of the seventy that was with us, was Elder Cook, and his wife was also there. They both taught us so much on becoming the best missionaries we can be, and to have a spiritual transformation. I loved the spirit that we were able to feel, as we all sat, eyes and ears and hearts glued to these great Christ like examples. That was probably the highlight of the week! The rest went very well, and we have stayed busy, just been finding these new investigators, just been spreading the good news to all. Zipporah, we were not even able to meet this past week. Don either... We hope and pray that when we have investigators that we have made friends with, we hope that they will take it seriously and keep coming, but they don't like to stay with it. It is FRUSTATING! But I am really trying to stick to faith, and make sure that I am doing my part as a missionary, so that when I ask the Lord for help, it might come easier. I started losing hope actually...and that never gets you anywhere, but there were some things that really touched my heart deeply as I listened in the conference with the Cooks, and know that I can always have hope no matter the circumstance. That is the glory about the gospel. I love to see now how much hope I have! It's because of HIS love for me. No doubt. 

You asked how my Birthday went. It was great! I made the day special, and made sure to serve those around me. I am sick of life always just being about me...myself...I...It should always be about those around me, and that is now what  I will always strive to focus on. That is what Christ did. I made my birthday known only to a few people, and then we were just doing the Lords work on this great day! Well, I think that is about it for now. I love you guys! Have a great week!

Much love From:
Elder Andreasen

Peace On Earth, and Peace out!

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