Tuesday, May 13, 2014


WOW! So, Hey all of you! What a great week it has been. Ya know one of the best parts of the week was yesterday. I got to wish my mom a happy Mothers day!!! That was awesome to see my family and just how great they are doing and their sweet smiles! I love you guys! 

Well, this week has been full of some spiritual experiences. We are all trying hard to bring the gospel to those that are truly ready for it and don't even know that they are seeking it. We actually have done quite a bit of contacting this week, and we have found some great great people, and we are excited to share with them. We were contacting in Kibera actually one day, and we came across a group of guys that were just chillin’, and taking life slowly seeing what "Ja" (God) was going to throw at them. There were about nine of them, and we think that about seven of them are legit and serious about knowing the message that God has for His children on earth. We had this greatly powerful discussion with them about who God is and what the world thinks God is, and how we can see the God with the big "G" in our lives not the one with the little "g". It was a great one! I love all of these people that we get to meet. It is like some of them really are just sitting and waiting in life for Me, Elder Baku, and Orenge to come and shove this Beautiful work of God in there face and then comes the shaping of a life-time.  Pretty good huh? To bad can't make a movie out of it...hahaha 

You guys said that you went flying in an airplane and that is SO cool, and so I guess I had to dream about it...crazy dream I must say! But it has been a super day today, and I’m happy to hear that you are going to the garden club, sounds fun, a good excuse to play in the dirt. I hope all keeps on inclining in life, and that you guys keep on seeing the happy spirits of this great life. I just love to laugh lately. I just think of hilarious things all the time, and just laugh at myself...I'm just weird! haha It is starting to change into rainy season here and it is getting kind of muddy here and there. Food is still always great. I am learning some awesome African culture, and just working everyday for the ability to show that Christ-like love to everybody. That's it for now, and until next, just crack a joke or two here and there, and make someone smile, it makes their day, and yours! 

Elder Andreasen  

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