Monday, July 14, 2014

Aerocamano! (Thanks! 'in Luo') One of the 42 tribes!

Hello! SO, What a great day ya!? Kind of awesome. That is great that you got to speak in your ward. Speaking is a nice thing sometimes, is what I have realized. And you know about that Baptism and confirmation that you had in your class on Sunday, well I just wanted to say that it really is SO TRUE! That is something that we have to explain to so many people around. The confirmation part of baptism is one of the most important parts, and I love it when we get to explain how it can help someone to really endure to the end. That is really so great that you made it back safe to that nice place. It sounds like there is always something to clean in that yard, but hopefully you’re just finding ways to be happy doing it! Hey dad, you'll have to tell me how the fishing was. 

This week here on my end, was very uneventful really, but things did happen. I got to receive my new companion. HE is GREAT! Kind of awesome that we already new each other from Eldoret. So we are just working hard, and re-filling some our investigator pool and all such things. It is like we only had a half a week to work, but we were able to meet SO many new people. We are just figuring out the whole teaching style of things, and so I am way excited to see what happens this next week. We have been teaching our friend Japhet the lessons after baptism, and I think that we can really get him on a mission next year, if he keeps up the great work! That would be so great. I would love to see him go and bless lives in service for two years full time. 

Hmmm. I really think that there is not too much else left, except that I am healthy and am happy and always trying to smile and laugh, and work hard. I am learning a lot from Elder Ochieng. He is really great, and humble, and has been on mission for only three months, but is just so nice, and ready to work. He just came up from Tanzania, and so the thing is, they only speak Swahili in Tanzania and so he is used to that PURE Swahili and just teaching in Swahili. I decided that I should probably actually start taking learning Swahili seriously and...well...just learn it. I stopped having the desire to learn it for a while, but now I am back on! OH. Also, I just love you and hope that you have an amazingly fantastic week. I really liked the scripture this week in 1 Nephi 17:13. It really made me think how He is that light for us, we should just follow it.  

Elder Andreasen

P.s. There are 42 tribes in Kenya, and they all have sub-tribes. FYI!

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