Monday, July 21, 2014

"I will go and do the things which The Lord hath commanded, for I know that"....

Hello! This is a nice day isn't it? I think yes. It has been very nice and just superb weather. Actually yesterday it rained...poured is a better word for it. We got SOAKED but that is what made it fun. 

This week has not been too bad at all. It was really something trying to meet so many people. Something that I love about Elder Ochieng, is that he can just seriously talk! It is so nice. I am learning some sweet social skills from him. I had already learned a lot when I came out on mission, but man!  We are finding many people to share with, and we are coming up with all of these great ideas, and the area just seems to be starting to progress again a little more. It is nice that the branch is taking so many things seriously now! We are able to talk to them more now. They finally are taking the initiative to have PEC every Sunday in the morning, and we are all just trying to work out the kinks within the branch that are seriously holding it back.
The thing that we have seen that is a huge issue, is just forgiveness. There are so many people that have such a hard time forgiving others for offensive things that have happened in the past. We are trying to see less actives and always encourage them in some way, and so one of the lessons that we decided we need to have with all of them is just simply about Charity. They need this pure love of Christ within this branch, and actually just throughout the whole stake, but it is taken one step at a time. Something I have learned, is that I have enough faith to not stop coming to church because of somebody else. As we encourage and help strengthen their faith and their trust in the Lord, I know that our Heavenly Father will soften their hearts, and we will come together as a branch. So, that has been one of the main focuses of the week, and also just meeting with some of our normal, regular friends. We are expecting to have a baptism this Sunday, so we are excited about that!

All is going well with everything else, so I love you, and hope this next week of yours will brighten, as you keep adjusting and situating and loving and smiling and laughing, and praying, and singing, and giving. Keep strong in this crazy world that we are living in! 

Much love from:
Elder Andreasen

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