Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Hello you beautiful children of God! You are also known as my family, and I love you! So, sorry about the wait. We had a little bit of a problem getting to the cyber...cause we have been on lockdown so now I am able to write. MAN, lock down is SO boring, but I get to study a lot and become more spiritual I guess. But everything is ok. All is going well. Things are good and safe. Wow though, when everybody saw that there was going to be the 'saba saba' there was a lot of fear going on. It was like no one was going to school or to work, because they were fearing that it was going to turn out as bad as what happened in the 2007 elections. But I think all is hopefully staying under control. We are praying for it to just stay peaceful. SO. The news from transfers is that, I will be staying here, and my companion, Elder Bakubamutwe, will be leaving. It is SO CRAZY though, because he is going to my area in Nthengoni Chulu! I am so excited for him! Watindata! Anyhow, it is really very sad though. We both wanted him to stay... but it’s where the Lord wants. I will be getting an elder that is a Kenyan. His name is Elder Ochieng. He is actually one of the members that was there when I was up in Eldoret in Jerusalem. We are going to have fun! 

This week has just been full of great, spiritual lessons. We had more findings and are seeing that they might progress quickly. We have been teaching a nice Mama and Daughter. They are SO great, and it seriously is just so spiritually intense everytime we go over and share with them. The daughter's name is Sharil. She is actually going to college up in Eldoret, but they are on break for the next like 5 months, so hopefully we can get her baptized and on her way by that time! I love all of the great investigators that we have. That’s it. I just love them. I don't know what to say more. I am really excited for our family of three that are getting baptized soon. Zipporah (the mom) actually couldn't make it to church on Sunday, and we went to see what happened, see if everything was alright. She sprained her ankle at work, and had not slept for more than 24 hours because she stayed at work to finish things up. What amazing umph this friend of ours has. She is doing great though, and we just got to talk with her. She is so open and free with us, which is nice. It makes us know that she really does trust us, and that is so critically important. 

That is great that you got to go back to Utah for the 4th. That is the best to spend that time with family. I love that holiday, and I tried to celebrate a little, but I was not able to get any fireworks...but I got matches. We flicked matches and I cooked some nice french toast and had some soda. haha that is my celebration, but a good one at that! Hmmm. SO iI do have some sandals, and a nice pair of slippers that I could use for the rain. I would never use them here in the rain though, because I do not trust the mud here, but in other areas I might use them. I never did up in Eldoret though. It is going to be fun in the mud though. Well alrighty then. Have a great week. Love ya, and just hope all goes well for you this next week. Enjoy!

Elder Andreasen

Intense Smilin 

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