Monday, September 22, 2014

Machetes and Axes

Hi there! Family, I LOVE you. Things are just going on here in Africa. The Lords mission is super nice to be able to serve! It sounds like you are doing well as always, which is so GREAT to hear. It seems like we are always split up as a family these days, but that is ok, because we are in each others hearts.

This week has been about the same. WE had a baptism, and that is so great! We are just sharing with the same people, and they are seeming to progress. We have given two more baptism dates here in this week. The less-actives that we are seeing, seem to keep encouraged. We are getting them to church, and really care about each of them. We try to serve them as much as we possibly can. We cut whole trees of firewood for them with machetes and axes. We hoe their fields with them, and are preparing to help with preparing their fields for the rainy
season. Service is one of the best things that we can do to help others come back unto the fold.

Other than these things, I’m healthy, and happy, and growing strong. Eating well, and I’m building my skills in cooking the nice foods here. I am also just building my skills and talents in life that the Lord has given me, and am discovering others. Who ever knew that I would LOVE to meet new people everywhere I go. That is one of my favorite things to do these days! But, He really blesses you if you ask for His help, and then you listen to what He has to say. What He has to tell you is usually better than what you could come up by your own. Love
you again, and hope that you push through, and have a great week.

Elder Andreasen

Smile Big!

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