Monday, September 29, 2014


HEYllo! How are you this fine day? I hope that you are doing just great! If you are, turn and tell your neighbor. I am just sitting in a nice cyber that is about an hour away from where we stay. We are here to enjoy the transfer with the zone. So, I sent you some pictures, and I hope that you have received them! I'm stoked to go and play some futball with these great Elders, and have some fun in the heat! 

We also work too. This week, we have had some nice things happen. WE are seeing our investigators progress, and have found some new less-active members that are having some difficulties, but are still willing to see things change in their lives. Yesterday, we actually met one of them, and he is really struggling. He still has faith and he has a very strong testimony, but there are reasons of forgiveness that are holding him back. He used to be the old branch president in one of our branches, but now he is needing some serious encouragement. We were very blunt with him, but in a loving way, and we really could both feel how intense the spirit was, and I know that he will eventually come back. The members here are so great, and loving, and we are really just getting them involved in what ever we can with the church, so that they stay busy, and active, and are not just one a day Mormons. 

That is just what is up, what is going on around these parts. There are some members that have some nice elephants that broke through the fence again and started eating their papaya. I ate some nice intestines the other day. All just keeps well. I am really getting to know scriptures, which is super nice. Preach My Gospel is a great book! And I just love you, and hope that you have a fantastic week again.

Much Love From:

Elder Andreasen

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