Monday, November 3, 2014


Hey you guys! Happy Monday to you! Just have been coming from a powerful week here, and so excited to share with you my feelings and thoughts that came to me. It is really nice to be apart of this life right now. It is really actually pretty intense. All is just going well in the work. The Lord truly is blessing us, and those that are accepting.

We did have a chance to get to Nairobi and have a powerful Zone Conference. What a time that was. It was one of the most powerful Zone conferences that I have ever attended. We learned so much by the workings of the spirit, and the joy that came from these teachings really showed. It has been a great experience in my life. We talked so much about just coming together as a mission, and living righteously so that we can help others do the same. There were powerful testimonies that were given, and I was touched. We are all working hard to let the Lord touch lives through us as missionaries, and it is Him that chooses how to use us as instruments in His hands.

Wow, you go away for a few days, come back to your area, and the weather has changed completely. It POURED rain last night, and is now rainy season. Clouds, breeze, and humidity…it is nice! Anyhow, everything is ok, nothing EVER to worry about, the Lord takes care of us missionaries. Love you, and I have a smile in my heart and on my face for you. Good day, good week, sweet work, and sweet dreams! haha

Much love from:
Elder Andreasen

P.S. That sounds like a powerful Halloween! I hope there are some nice pics of that astronaut costume! Sorry mom about the scare, but it is just something I have to live with for now.  Hopefully things with the network will be getting a little bit better. Love ya much! Let the Holy Spirit guide.

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