Monday, November 24, 2014

Only 31 days TILL CHIRSTMAS and Happpy Thanksgiving.

HEY! HI! I am SO sorry that it has taken so long to write! It was such a problem here with the network, but now it is working. I was thinking of coming to send you an email on Wed and we got so busy that it didn't happen, and then on Thursday I decided that I would just write only today, so here I AM! WOW! That is great that you are getting ready to go back! And already packing, that is super nice. It is good to hear that you have been busy, and that all is well. I love even to hear about that AWESOME missionary experience! That is so great, and I hope that something comes out of that Book of Mormon that touches your Co-workers heart. Even your experience with that family that has just gone through such an extremely happy moment and even one of the saddest in their lives. I can't even imagine what they are going through, but I do know that Christ knows what they are going through, and even our Heavenly Father knows them, and helped you be there so that you could mourn with those that mourn and comfort those that stand in need of comfort. Good work.

I am so grateful for you as my family. I DO love you so much, and just hope that you know that. I was thinking about you this week, and even just what you have taught Skyler and me, and just even a lot about how our family worked when we were all together. It keeps making me realize how important it is to grow up in a setting where the Gospel standards and principles are taught within the home. It affects me in the work that we are doing here. It helps me testify to someone that I know that by living a Christ centered life, and striving to repent, we can be truly and eternally happy. There are sometimes where we come across some families here, where they are members of the church, but they just are not all united together, and striving to follow those important principles they once accepted. For me it is something I am grateful for that I have a family and we are united as one, and nothing can ever separate us. I want that for everybody. It starts at home. It will always start at home. We want these great saints to come and join once again with us, and be united as a part of this great family in Zion, but we must strive to help them to live a life where they themselves can feel the spirit in their everyday acts, and carry that into the Sunday experience. We want them to get involved. We are striving to help them gain that love one for another, and they have already taken the initiative to start back up the home teaching program and find these families in need of spiritual strength.  So that is what we have been up to. We are also planning on having two baptisms this next Sunday, and just really working to prepare them for that special day! It is exciting to see them coming into the fold.

Oh, I forgot to tell you that yes, I am still in the same area where I was serving. Still have the same companion and all is coming along nicely. There is just hot and very humid weather with rain. It is like this place was a sponge. IT soaked up all of this water, and now it is GREEN as ever. Places we usually go, we have gotten lost, because there is so much greeeeen. We have even really been helping so many people prepare their shambas, or gardens, and it is HARD work. But it is nice to serve, and gain experience, and even just help people feel the love of Jesus Christ. I even got a chance to help someone plow with oxen. IT was pretty cool, and I am a natural. Well, that is the excitement of these days. I am just hoping that you have a fantastic Thanksgiving, and that you greet them all for me! We just killed, cooked, and ate a nice chicken last night and I am counting that as a start to the Thanksgiving celebration! I love you tons, and just pray for you daily.  Be safe, and strong.

Much love from:
Elder Andreasen

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