Monday, May 18, 2015


OH, you guys just make me smile! I am so grateful for you. WHAT! YOU MOVED TO SEATLE!?! Just kidding, but that is great to hear that you are getting rain, rain, and more rain. Blessings from our Heavenly Father. =D

This week, here on this end, it has been pretty darn good. We have really been relying on the Lord to know what to do, and it seems like every time we start to see that there is not anywhere to go, our Father who is above decides to take care of things. We have found that great success that we have been looking for this week. We found less-actives, worked with members to find where others stay, worked with the leadership, learned more about how to become more effective servants of Christ, and even we really just prayed. "Let the Holy spirit guide, let it teach us what is true, He will testify of Christ, light our minds with heavens view." (Hymn 143) I love My Saviors perfect example as He strove through His life. He ALWAYS looked to our Perfect Father who is above for guidance, direction and even counsel, and now I see in my own life, and in the lives of others, that there is no other way to do it. He lives, and HE will NEVER forget us. He has been through what we have been through. He should always be dear in our hearts. He will show us the way. He promises blessings if we but strive to do what He asks. Sometimes we will not understand, but if we just do, He will make everything ok. (1 Nephi 3:7 and the rest of the chapter plus chapter four) 

This week we had quite an adventure. It has been raining here as well. Here is a story. =) We were with a member, and it was pouring. The day started out nice, hot and dusty, but then...it changed. We were to see an investigator that we had prepped for, and we were almost there! We were soaked through and through. We had not made it, so we stood under cover. There were two others under that roof, and we decided to talk. Bam! Two lessons right out of no where! On we walked, drizzle was small. We stepped, and slid, and even almost fell, but we did not give up, we did not give in! WE JUST WENT! We came to a river. We could not jump over it, we could not roll under it, so we had to walk FIRM through it. That is how we do it, we keep on going! Wet up to the knees, we keep on going, the four of us now. We made it, after the mud, and the gum on our shoes. This is the place, a holy one. We made it to the church, and we had a nice lesson. We felt the spirit, and so did the the rest. We did not meet the man that we had planned that day, but we did gain a greater testimony of the cause of Christ. That is my story, and it has taught me a lot. Life is there, and there is mud. There are rivers that we are called to cross, but in the end we are freed. WE have the spirit and are with a family above. We don't have to search anymore, we are safe. The warmth that comes from the gospel will be the only true comfort that we will be able to receive in our lives, the rest is just for some time. 

I hope liked the story, it is a true one, and am glad that I was able to be apart of it. If you get any like it this week, let me know, I love stories! I wish the best to you this week , and I continue to pray for you. Enjoy, and be strong. It is a crazy world out there!  Love you, and my encouragement even more would to be to KEEP SMILING, and laugh A LOT. Amen

Elder Andreasen

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