Monday, May 25, 2015

Goodness Never Faileth

Wow, you family are amazing. Thank you SO much for those wonderful birthday wishes. I found all of those today as I came and logged in, and all I could do is just smile. You make me fill good inside. =) OH MY! That is so EXCITING that you got your call. I have been thinking about that all last week as well. During that Mothers Day call, I didn't really understand what kind of a mission that you would be serving, or if you were just joking, or just preparing you know, but that is so sweet!!! I am really excited for you. SO, will you be staying away in ogden, or making a commute or flying in a plane??? Do you have a plane? haha! You will have to tell me all about what you will be doing. 

Well, for my birthday, it was like a normal day. WE went and proselyted, and then we went and spent the rest of time with a member. They FED us like nothing! Ha, I thought I was going to explode. I also made a cake mix, and used their oven to bake it. And they sang me happy birthday. They were very kind about all of it. It was nice! For This week, we have really been trying. We have continued in the work of finding. Lost sheep, or who it may be, we are trying to spread the gospel message to the world. 

Yes, We are doing the work. I am continually learning of the power that God has, and how He shows it every day in our lives. If you pray for someone of Gods other children to be put into your path, they will be their, according to your faith and willingness to see. I encourage you to continue to seek, and ye SHALL find. That is one that I do have a witness of this week. I pray for you continually, and am grateful even for your powerful examples to me. Thank you so much, and just know that I love and appreciate you in my life. All right, well, Have a great week, and will talk soon yet again! 

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