Monday, June 15, 2015

I believe I can fly!....I believe I can touch the sky....

Well thanks for calling me magnificent, you are just TOO KIND! I don't know how magnificent I am, but I truly just try to be like the Savior.  I love you too, thanks. I can't even imagine how time does even fly.These are my last moments in this beautiful place, with these extraordinary people. I can't even believe...the time is coming...to fly. I don't know what I feel. Everything.

That is so great to hear of how well you are carrying on that side. I am sorry to hear about the cherries. Haha those birds are happier though right? AH! BIRDS. I can't even imagine what you two are experiencing as you are serving those wonderful people there in Spanish. That is SO sweet that you get to teach them English as well! I am continually proud of you. =D 

This week, here in this amazing and positive place, we were able to yet again see the continual blessings and fruits of the hand of the Lord in our lives. It is so powerfully great that we have the opportunity to be apart of the great gathering. I am inspired everyday to do my best, and just become better than I am. I Know that it is only with the help of the Lord that I can make that possible. WE are expecting hopefully to give out some 11-12 baptism dates this next week to those that we (with the help of Heavenly Father) have seen are being prepared from on high. Very excited and anxious to see what is in store. I would love to see each one of them get baptized...even if I won't be around to see it happen, I love them, each one, and want them to see their lives prosper in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We have worked hard, and had some great experiences with the members. I love it, because we have the chance to help prepare some two potential Elders that are about to submit their papers to serve a mission. It is great to hear them bearing their testimonies of the divinity of our Savior Jesus Christ, and see them as this great help and connector to these sons and daughters of God. 

There is one experience that I want to share quick. We were visiting a very less-active member of the church. She is the sister to one of these branch missionaries that we have been working with. She is pretty young...about 23 or so, and she grew up in the church. Well, about the time that she hit her teens, she dropped out of school, and because of the bad influences around her, she became apart of the world, doing worldly things...use your imagination. We knocked on her door, and she welcomed us into her apartment for the second time in two weeks. She was so happy to see us, and even she brought two other friends. IMAGINE THAT! We started, and got to know each one of them a little better. We shared a nice scripture which is found in 1 John 4: 7-9, and then it started. We grabbed their interest. We talked of knowing God, of prayer and that specific relationship with HIM who is our Creator. We went from talking prayer to Plan of Salvation, from Plan to Restoration, and BAM blessing of the spirit came. Brod, one of the friends, brought up that he had grown up in a confusing home, and that he just did not know which way to go. And I was like, in my mind "talk about Joseph Smith right!", and we brought it forth. We were there for an hour and a half, and were piled with questions, and concerns, and we were able to answer...well, God was able to answer. Blessed yes? Yes! We are to meet them again this Thursday, and I am looking forward to all of that again. The sister who is less-active, Bridgitt, is really learning even for herself that these things are true. She is SO excited to speak out the Gospel to her friends, and even have taught them how to pray. Yea. Missionary work. It is Awesome! 

Alright. Thanks, and love you much. Hope that you have a fantastalistic day and week, and hope that you even find the spirit guiding you each and everyday to bring amazing experiences that build your testimony and someone else's. Keep the Joy within.

Elder Andreasen

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