Monday, June 29, 2015


Wow! Can you believe that! haha! I have been accepted. That is awesome! Thanks much for the surprise. AND you know what else I love to read, is that you were able to have your first English lesson...way to GO! It always is a joy to serve. Does it not just feel relieving? That is one thing that I love about the gospel is that it brings peace. :) But I know that this is nothing new to you both, you have always been able to bless lives. 

Peace. It is so HARD to find the very substance that brings peace into this life from such a world of ongoing everything. But...it all starts with faith, then we repent, everyday of our own imperfection. As we do so, we should never lose the hope that comes with faith, and as we hope for greater things, we continue to follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ...we are baptized. What happens next? WE receive a gift, one of the most important...and it is directly from Heaven, the Holy Ghost, the spirit of God. Now it is your turn to bless others lives as you strive to partake of that same process over and over and over again, until you become a God. You have found peace, and so has everybody else, we must be in the Celestial Kingdom...together. =) Yes, perfection. 

That is what has been going through my mind and stirring within my own heart, this week and many weeks past. But for this day, I can say that I am blessed. I have the love of Jesus Christ in my life, and I get to help others grasp on and own that for themselves as well. We have done that. These last few days since we talked, we were able to help others use their agency within their own lives to receive the blessings of the Gospel. That is what it is all about. 

We have two wonderful Children of God that have baptism dates right now. They are really really prepared from on high. They come to church, they do all that we ask them to do, they participate in the classes at church, and they share the gospel WITH their friends! Aahh, it is amazing. They will be powerful assets to the branch. For the rest of those 12 that we had really planned for, we are working hard to help them progress. Some have decided that the church of Jesus Christ is not for them right now in their lives, but I am sure that their time will come...it always does. It seems like we have such short time to be here with them, and yet, I know that with the Lords help, all things are possible to achieve, if it be His will. One of the Hard learned lessons that I get to work on everyday, is...is it His will or mine? Those are just some words to eat in your "Food for thought" moments. WELL, I guess this one is about over for today, but, just some things that I am a part of and thinking about at all times, and I am also thinking about you. I hope that you continue joyfully on this grand journey in life, and i know that our Heavenly Father will continue to BLESS you. It is that "one eternal round". Alright, Good Night!

Much Love

Elder Andreasen

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