Monday, September 23, 2013


WELL MOMBO! Man! I just love you guys SO much! I love this Mission SO much! I just have SO much to be grateful for! I am having a fantastic day! Can you believe I've been out for TWO MONTHS! That went by fast! It’s been a NICE day. We actually played some soccer today with our district, and that was Way fun. I love the people in my district! It has been nice and sunny today, and I love it!

SO, I got a new companion, and his name is Elder Ndwandwe. Fun name and such a great person. He is from South Africa, and is just an all around cool guy. I can see great things happening in the future of this companionship!  He just transferred up from the west lands in Nairobi, and so Huruma is definitely a change for him. He was there for 9 months! CRAZY! but he actually was welcomed here with some rain and a lot of mud! HAHAHA. We are still getting to know each other more but we are going to have fun together. MAN! Can you believe the things that are happening back down there in Nairobi! We truly are praying hard for those people and hope things settle down. It has not affected us really, but we are also just praying that the elders there will be safe as well. They are on lock down and had to by food storage and stuff. A lot of people in Africa have been affected by this terrorist group and so it is just very sad.

But on a happier topic now…this last week! So, since I didn't have a companion, I got to go and stay with the Zone Leaders for three days, and that was a BLAST! Elder Barney and Elder Beacom crack me up! We had great times! During those three days though, I learned a lot about leadership, and about how a good companionship can work together. OH! so since I was there, I got to be a part of some exciting news. Our district is getting bikes! In Huruma they aren't AS needed but still excited and happy for the other areas also!

Elder Ndwandwe came on Thurs. so on Friday, Saturday and on Sunday, we were able to teach together, and tract a little too. I have showed him around and am introducing him to the members and investigators. It’s kind of difficult sometimes though because I can get lost on some of these streets! Everything looks very similar! hah but it is getting easier. We actually did go to see Caren this week. She is still just So excepting, and has some great questions. We got to the point where she is committing to a baptism date. She is going to pray on it, and see when she wants to be baptized! It felt good to share the plan of salvation with her. It was nice to be able to show her that the Lord really does have a plan for us. Wow! The spirit was strong! The members are still doing well. Ok so this Sunday was so interesting, and very good. I got to teach in the Relief Society, and Elder Ndwandwe got to give a talk with knowing about it five minutes before sacrament. I was asked to speak next Sunday! Lucky lucky!

Man! Skyler! it sounds like you gave a pretty awesome talk! I have heard about it in two other e-mails besides mom and dads! haha Way ta be! touching other peoples lives and stuff. Way to keep up the work of the Lord! It is weird to think that it is not going to get colder, but hotter as time goes on. It's nice that my allergies haven't bothered me at all yet, and it is not snowy. Anyhow, Have a fantastic week! I love you all VERY much, and wish best health to you! I am healthy and happy and can't wait for this next week!

Much Love From:
Elder Andreasen

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