Monday, December 16, 2013


Hey guess what you guys…I have CRAZY news!!! I got TRANSFERRED! It is really shocking where I am at right now. Um...so I am still in Eldoret. WHAT! I am in a place called Jerusalem. I am with a companion whose name is Elder Kisesi. So awesome! We were in the MTC together and I had already been on two exchanges with him so we pretty much new each other. We are having great times. The reason that transfers were so weird was because the visas for all of the missionaries coming into Kenya are getting denied. They are not letting any Americans in and I heard that they think that the church is American and so things are just at a stopping point right now. But wow we got two other missionaries here and then we kind of just got switched up a little bit. That is so crazy about Morgan! Not good at all. Yes I did know her and really hope all turns out well. I will for sure be praying for her.  

Ok, so this past week has actually been one of the busiest weeks that I have had on mission so far! We have been working hard and just been smiling and feeling the spirit. Man, there are SO many people that I don't know and it is crazy to try and remember all of their names. I am sure that I will have them all down in the next week and a half or so though. I seriously just love meeting them, they are so friendly and just great! Yesterday I got to meet most of the active members and we got to attend PEC and I got to meet the Branch presidency. They have a building or a chapel here in Jeru. It felt weird to actually have a mic to speak through. I was given the chance to bare my testimony. Anyhow, I love it here and really am looking forward to the next busy week!

I have such a growing testimony and am getting to know the spirit a little bit better. I have experiences that I want to share but there are seriously so many! The other day we had two people come and we gave them a tour of the chapel. We then got the chance to sit down with them and talk to them and get to know them. The lady that we talked to really touched me SO much. I am not going to lie, I almost cried. I felt the spirit so strong. She explained some of the trials that she had been through and how hard her life had been the past while. She said that she didn't know really what else to do but something led her to us. We were able to give her a blessing and just let her know that God really does love her. She came to church yesterday and let us know that she will be worshiping with us from now on. I know that HE is watching out for his children and that He will never abandon us...ever. Comforting huh? 

I love that we get the chance to be out here to serve the Lord as His servants. I am proud to be here! I love you and just sincerely hope all keeps well. I love and pray for you everyday. I love the gospel. The church really is true. What a statement! I am trying to be safe so I think all is well there.

Much love from:
Elder Andreasen

Smilin Big!

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