Monday, December 9, 2013

Let's build MUDMEN

WHAT!!! No way! I can't EVEN believe it! You got another dog!!! Holy cow. I'm looking forward to hearing him bark on that awesome 25 of December! Hmmm, does that mean you are going to be getting the paper again? Wow, so it is snowing and cold there and it is nice and warm here with the occasional rainstorm.  I am realizing how weird it is to not be freezing my tush off in December. I am not going to lie though, it is nnnicce!  

Well, I have some exciting news of my own. One of our investigators has agreed to be baptized on the 22nd of this month! It is so great because she just has expressed to us how ready she really is! She seriously just is so stoked about the whole thing. She told us that she didn't want to wait till next year because it was to far away. She wants to start a new year having been baptized in Christ and in the true church. So awesome! We also found out that finally after a long process of getting things legalized for the marriage, that our investigator Edwin, will be having a wedding a couple days after Christmas and can then be baptized the coming week! The joy that comes from seeing him stick strong and do all to get baptized is a testimony strengthener. Even if I am not here to see them get baptized, I am so happy that I had a chance to be apart of changing their lives and to help bring them to the knowledge of the truth. Keeping strong is so so important. One thing that we have really focused on this past week is helping our recent converts push through trials and have that over bounding faith in our Father in Heaven to know that things can always turn out for the good. I have told you about the persecution that is around and it just never seems to stop. But one of the scriptures that we have really focused their attention towards has been in 1 Nephi 8. Lehi's Vision. I have seen that great strength can be found from these verses and just love to share with them that the word of God IS unbreakable and will never fail! We have also been encouraging prayer. I know that prayer can always help; I have a testimony that is so strong of how God really does listen. The thing is, we have to listen…that is a VERY important part. I really just love when we get investigators who are young adults. It seems like I can really connect with them and show them the great importance of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. It is really cool too because they are so excepting of new ideas and just of change. Man, the church is true.

So, the branch is starting to plan their Christmas party and they have asked us to give some ideas. I could only give them just a few but they have activities that are planned outside. Funny. I mentioned maybe building some mudmen..."snowmen" but they didn't so much like the idea! haha It really seems like things are going great with you guys back there in the valley. Skyler, tip me on how the season is at the Beav and just how everything is going with them girlies. I LOVE you all so MUCH! Keep up the great work of just being you cause that is rad! And keep listening to Christmas music! Hehe

Much love from:
Elder Andreasen

P.s. Nice name for the dog, can guess who came up with that! I think you should probably decorate...TWO weeks left till Christmas!

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