Monday, December 30, 2013

Heri ya Mwaka Mpya!

Hi! I just want to start out by telling you how great it was to hear your voices on that sweet Christmas morning/evening. Haha, I could tell that you were just waking up and it was super to be there with you on Christmas morning...in a way. We had a super rest of the Christmas evening. We went back to the flat and played games with the elders that we were hosting and just had a good time. It is crazy how fast the time does go by. There was so much that I would want to talk about but hard to say it in such crammed amounts of time. Guess what! They let us know that we can now use Skype if it is available. So maybe next time…depending.

Wow…can I just say that here during Christmas, it really does not feel like Christmas. Everybody just celebrates a little but they treat it like another day too. Most people will go to church for a little bit to celebrate, sing, praise, eat, and it just is a lot different. We visited some people and they were just so normal about the day…haha. The thing here they love to eat is some kuku or chicken, freshly slaughtered. They have some sweet potatoes and Nchele or rice. They have some NICE cooked pumpkin and they actually cook the leaves here too. Anyhow, I think I am making myself hungry. OH! MAN! I got to try something new that is served a lot here. It is called Omena. It is little fish that are about as long as half of my index finger and as thin as cardboard. They are sold in buckets and barrels at the markets and I got to eat them! It was the fishiest thing that I have ever tried, and you could feel the bones crunch as you ate them but it is something that I will have to get used to. I am excited for the next round! One of my favorite dishes here is Chapatti and Ngengu (Green Grams). It is Delicious!

Ok…you asked me to speak some Swahili and I have to tell you that I am picking up on it but I could not think of anything at the moment. I am practicing more now and making flash cards and trying to talk more with people but it is different. Swahili is a language where the sentences are completely backwards and so there is no direct translation.

We have been trying to keep busy the rest of the week. It is a little hard though because people here in Eldoret are here for different reasons and at Christmas, a lot of them go back home. It has been good though and we have been finding some new investigators. One thing that we are doing is working to help bring FHE into families and so we have seen some beautiful families this week. Looking forward to this next week though, going to have even more spiritual fun!

Well, I think that is about all for now but I love you MUCH! I wish the BEST of this happy NEW YEARS and hope you have some exciting plans! I will try to bang some pots and pans together if I get the chance.
Siku Njema!

Elder Andreasen

P.S. Pass Along: Thank you Grandmas and Grandpas!!! I love you SO much and will definitely try to get something nice!

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