Monday, December 23, 2013

MERRY CHRISTMAS ADAM (Adam came before Eve)

WOWWOWWOW!!! Tomorrow is Christmas EVE! SO exciting! Ya know we don't even have decorations in our apartment! We are thinking of going and breaking off a little palm tree to decorate.  I am excited for Christmas day! We are having the whole zone come and stay tomorrow, and then we are going to all be together on Christmas day. We are going to the couples home and eating, playing games, and just celebrating Christ's birth. Elder Kisesi and I have a few homes that we are planning on stopping by though and I am really excited to see how their Christmas day will go.

I suppose I can answer those questions. So, I LOVE it here! The members are so great and our investigator...top NOTCH! It is really just so much fun here. WE have some exciting news, an investigator accepted baptism and she will be baptized on the 12 of January! Her name is Agnes.  Also, Rhoda from my last area just got baptized yesterday at our chapel so I got to tell her congrats! Anyhow my package, they got it to me by the couples, because they were in Nairobi at the time and so they brought it up. My Comp and I are really getting along. We seriously are always laughing endlessly at everything. It really is so great! We are still working SO hard and I love that so much! I have so much spiritual energy, it is insane! Oh, he is from Uganda and he joined the church just two years ago but you really wouldn't even know it. He seriously is so smart and just loves to study the gospel! We are learning so much from each other. 

OK, so there is just so much that has gone on this week that it is hard to narrow some of it down. I will tell you that it was good and it was spiritual. We are so excited because we do have another investigator that has a baptism date. We are planning on giving like two others a date and it is just super exciting. They are really so interested and excited about the gospel that they are just moving right along. It is not like they are just forgetting the things that we teach them either, they all have some seriously good questions!  One thing we are working on is building up the foundation of those that we teach and making sure that if they want to get baptized, they are really willing to make the commitment that it entails. I just am stoked for all of them and for their willingness to learn!

Well, I love you so VERY VERY VERY MUCH! I wish you a happy Christmas Eve and can't wait to talk! What a beautiful season it is, to remember Christ a little more in our lives and to not just celebrate His birth but also to celebrate His perfect life. He is the King of Kings, the Prince of Peace, our Everlasting Savior. I have seen so many marvelous works so far as I have tried to follow His example. I have seen His love change lives and I am so proud to bear His name. To all of the family, I just want to say that I love you, I appreciate your love, prayers and support, and I hope the best of that glorious Christmas day to you. May God bless you! (Every One) MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Much Love From:
Elder Andreasen
(Joy to the World)

P.S. HAHHA I confess that it took me a few minutes to actually get the top of the letter and I couldn't stop laughing!

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